Writing on Mountain Moving in my other blog, I came across this post and decided to share it with you all. Writing is like mountain climbing. But you have everything you need to climb it. Happy Climbing! Gram and Imma 😀

Other blog post: http://doyoumeanwhatiknow.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/gods-mountain-removal-service/ (sorry not posting till 9/7)

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Crime writer Patricia Cornwell (of the best-selling Scarpetta series) said in a recent interview that writing is hard work; that “it isn’t just sitting around fantasizing, or having a drink with somebody and talking about how cool it would be if you write a story. It’s work.”(italics mine, because of course I agree)

Cornwell also said, “And research isn’t easy. But if you’re going to have a character who’s a musician, you should learn everything about that you possibly can.”

As an aside, The Angry Woman Suite (see sidebar), does have a musician; a pivotal character—and guess what? I don’t play an instrument or even sing (at least you wouldn’t want me to), and I don’t remember how to read music … everything this character (Francis) does in the way of music was researched.

But what really, really struck me about the Cornwell interview is when she said this:


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  1. Yes there really is a misconception about writing, isn’t there?! It’s darned hard work! Have a great weekend Angie.

    • Yes it is! You have a great weekend as well 🙂

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