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Warning: TMI!

Sunday:  The drama at church was absolutely awesome!  So glad we made it back to see it.  Then lunch with friends:)  Paper edited for a friend on Sunday afternoon – whew!  She is finishing her Master’s in psychology/counseling, and some of the stuff is like reading a foreign language – I don’t know the terms.  This makes …

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Update – where is ya woman???

This is a repeat of what I wrote on my other blog.  If you haven’t read it yet, continue:) In case any of you think I have dropped out of the blogosphere, I have not. I am still going back and forth to my dad’s (2 1/2 hours away). Add to that: 1. My husband …

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Writing quotes: Efficiency???

For this series, we’re going to start with the quotes.  Our quotes are about laziness efficiency.  Efficiency is a good thing, right? ⌂~⌂~⌂~⌂~⌂ We LOVE this one:            “Efficiency is intelligent laziness.”  — David Dunham ⌂~⌂~⌂~⌂~⌂ “Whenever there is a hard job to be done I assign it to a lazy man; he is sure to find …

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Writing Quotes: Disorganization

“There are uncountable hours lost each year in the workplace because of disorganization.  But people mix up cleaning with organizing.  Being clean is a visual thing, but being organized is being able to find things when you need them.” –Julie Mahan ☺♥☺♥☺ “There are a surprising number of unnoticed spots just waiting to be tapped for …

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Writing Gremlins: Disorganization

Confessions of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind, piles-everwhere, disorganized messy.  I guess that title is a bit long, but it’s pretty accurate.  I am the bane of my husband (and my daughter) because everywhere I go, I have piles.  I don’t mean to, but they appear none-the-less.  You see, if I put something away, it will be lost to …

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Taming a writing gremlin: Disorganization!

Hi strangers!  It feels like a long time since we posted here.  Someone ::cough, cough, Imma:: tends to be a little disorganized.  So, we have been working on that.  I have to confess that I contribute to the problem with my perfectionism, but if you tell Imma I said that, I’ll deny it!   So, what did …

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And I started a Sentence with But

Originally posted on dodging commas:
Can you start a sentence with “and” or “but”? As a writer, I often find myself in situations when I want to use “and” to start a sentence. But you’re not supposed to start a sentence with a conjunction – right? Yet I was very surprised when a piece of…

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Another Surprise!

Guess what?  While I was busy admiring my rings and thanking God for bringing them back to me, Sunshine and her dog, Chuckles from Simply Charming blindsided me with a tag!  Chuckles, just like my sister’s dog, waited till I was busy and snuck up behind me with a very cold, wet nose to the …

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(Yes, that’s Dam and not the other word.) Imma and I would like to introduce you to Elizabeth and her muse. They seem to spat at times just like we do! I know you will enjoy her post. Drop in and give her some love. 🙂

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