Find your own hidden gems of creativity

“Everyone wants to be creative, but some people just seem to ooze creativity from their pores.  Many people believe creativity is a certain something you either have or

don’t have.     The truth of the matter is that everyone has a creative side.  It may look different than that of others, but everyone can turn on those creative juices if they just learn to tune into them.”           [This excerpt is from an article I wrote called “Tuning in to your creative side.” ]

The thing is that writing, any form of writing, requires a form of creativity.  Many see those who write fiction as the creative writer, but do not see the creativity in themselves.  This writer believes everyone should see their own creativity and learn to tap into it.  It will ooze out on it’s own, but to give it real power, one must understand it.  One of my goals with this blog is to inspire people to seek, find, and appreciate their inner creator.  For some this is easy.  For others, they must push aside the layers of other’s opinions and false beliefs about creativity in order to find the gem inside.

The article gives a few ways to tap into that creative side, but here we want to talk specifically about writing creativity.  Even I, born with a highly developed creative gene, have not always understood the reality.   My creative gem is not my ability to crank out things others call creative.  It is more my ability to accept the areas where I am creative, not compare myself to others, see that creativity can happen in any venue, and allow my creativity full reign.  How does that play out for you?

1.  Where does creativity burrow in your brain?  Can you use random ingredients to create and/or cook something good?  Can you put together facts in a way that makes others understand the content?  Whatever it is, don’t forget to look in every area of your life, especially in the things you enjoy doing most.  Don’t forget to look under the rocks though for hidden gems.

2.  Comparison, whether we come out ahead or behind, is not a good measure of creativity.  In fact, it often hinders us by rendering us prideful or fearful.  Look beyond what others do, what popular opinions about creativity surround you, and what others say about what you do.  It helps to ask others what they think as we continue the process of uncovering our creative gems, but only to help us keep on track.  Keep it personal and keep it out of any boxes.

3.  Speaking of staying out of boxes, artistic creativity is not the only kind.   I have seen creative comforters; they have an ability to do, say, make, etc. the just right thing for the needs of the person.  They may be one of those that sends a card out when they see a need, but they use their creativity.  As writers, many genres exist and many forms within genres.  Room for everyone!  So what special gems do you possess?

4.  Give in to those gems.  Play with them.  Watch the light bounce off of them.  Place them in a unique setting.  Show them off.  Wear them with pride!

What gems of creativity do you have? 

Have you looked for hidden gems? 

Happy mining! 

Please comment about your search and let us know if you find something you didn’t know you had. 


  1. elizabeth

    Excellent article Angela. I struggle with most creative pursuits. But the one true creative ability I do have, by the grace of God, is that of encouraging. It just flows from me so easily.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. Encouragement is a much needed gift. I’m glad you recognize it and offer to share it with others. 🙂

  3. Hi Angie – just wanted to drop by and check in – haven’t seen you on any of the sites – hope all is well – K

  4. Planting Potatoes

    good read…inspiring! I look at my own creativity as a way to release what God has already put inside me….but I have to always be aware of that ugly pride that likes to sneak in sometimes…..I love mining! .God bless!


  1. Igniting Your Creativity | The Gulkin Gazette

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