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Man, I’ve got a headache!

A week with limited wi-fi; what will we do!  Gram and Imma are offline most of the time this week as Angie is with her father in the hospital.  I hope you all will still be here when she gets back. However, in the interest of amazing amusing you, this is what it looks like …

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Get to know Imma

Imma:  “I understand Gram’s frustration.  Really, I do!  But I can’t really be bothered with those things.  I am here to create first and foremost.  The nuts and bolts of writing are an afterthought at best, especially when I’m in “the mode”.  I start writing, and the words flow out like water from an open …

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Imma shares: “Try”

The majority of poetry, depending on form, etc., comes from the right brain:  creative and with few to no boundaries.  Some of us allow our left brain to edit and add punctuation, but this is almost an afterthought to the right brain. Imma would like to share with you today.  Hi, I’m Imma :)  Several …

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Get to know Gram

Gram:  “Imma is creative, but she just doesn’t get that I have to go behind her and clean up her messes.  She leaves her punctuation in the oddest places, splits her infinitives, forgets to spell-check, and throws in a semi-colon when a comma will do.  Creativity is all well and good, but the I take …

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Imagination vs. knowledge

“Imagination is better than knowledge.” Albert Einstein … Imma:  “I love that quote; it’s sooooooooo true!” Gram: “NOT!  What good is imagination without knowledge?  What exactly are you going to imagine with an empty brain?” Imma:  “My brain is not empty; it is full of wonderful things that you don’t understand.” Gram:  “I didn’t say …

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Which are you: right brain, left brain, all mixed up

Some writers are mostly left-brained.  These are the technical writers, the editors, the grammarians who tend to play by the rules.  Then there are the predominantly right-brained writers.  They are very creative and don’t mind if it gets a bit messy.  Then you have writers that use both sides.  Of course there’s a conflict when …

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Hello world: Meet Gram and Imma

Now that my blog at Do you mean what I know is going well, I have decided to begin writing about writing.  I hope you will come along for the ride, wherever it takes us.  The premise for the blog name comes from my inner struggle, one that I share with many other writers.  I …

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