Poetry: Corpus Callosum

Corpus Callosum — the connection of the Right and Left sides of the brain

all images via Morguefiles.com

Poem by Angela Masters Young c 2012

Do you ever struggle between the two sides of your brain?

How do you work it out?

Do you wish you had this problem?  ;]




  1. elizabeth

    Great poem Angela 🙂 Answers: Yes I do. I haven’t really thought about how I get over that. I guess the Muse gets pushy. 🙂

    • This is true, Elizabeth. My brain tends to give and take for the most part, but there are times lol. Thanks for coming by 🙂

  2. Planting Potatoes

    my problem in writing has always been when my brain wants to over think things….I just want to allow what is already inside a chance to see the light of day…..but I have a nasty habit of analyzing everything I write….I have been learning how to curb this habit from all the inspiring blogs I have been blessed to discover….yours being one of them! 🙂

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