A Question from Gram

Have you noticed Imma has been around a lot lately?  I’m not sure what Gram’s problem is, but she has been content to allow Imma to play.  Of course she’s been quite busy elsewhere, so that could be it.  Today Gram has a question:


Gram:  Imma, I appreciate you posting while I’ve been busy with life.

Imma:  You’re welcome any time dear.  I love getting to play with words.

Gram:  You know I’m jealous that you seem to jump right in and create.  You seldom have writer’s block, but I sure do!  Why is it so much easier to write something off the cuff for you?

Imma:  I just sit down and let it flow.  Whatever comes to me ends up in my writing.  I do research sometimes, but I keep it fun and creative.

Gram:  Maybe that’s my problem.  I seldom just sit down and write.  I have to think about it, and I have to make it just right.  That drains me at times.

Imma:  That’s OK, Gram, that’s why we work so well together! {winking at Gram}

Gram:  {laughing} Two pieces of a puzzle, aren’t we.    . . .

copyright 2012 Angela Masters Young 

Are you a left-brain writer who envies the spontaneity and ability to write quickly of your right brain writing friends?  Gram feels your pain.  She is seldom spontaneous and usually takes longer to complete a project than her right-brain friend.  She is more likely to draw from a tangible subject as well that requires a bit of research and arrangement.  While she appreciates word play, she is more likely to enjoy watching Imma doing so.


Her biggest problem is perfectionism, and the need to get it just right.  Her integrity is at stake after all.  When she does sit and write, her writing may involve list making, organizing, or coming up with topics or headings for her paragraphs before she actually begins to write her article, post, or book.


Gram is not a huge fan of the need to find pictures for her posts or articles because this, too, takes her longer.  She has to have the right picture.  She often sends Imma off to find or create pictures if she can’t find what she needs easily.


Are you an over-thinker? 

Do you think it has anything to do with your left brain? 

Is spontaneity a problem for you? 

Do you hit writer’s block, sometimes in the middle of an article, because you can’t make it “right”?


If so, rest easy.  This is just a part of being you.  We need these writers just as much as we need the others.  But, if we can tap into both sides of the brain, like Gram and Imma, we can have the best of both worlds!                     {Sorry my drawing skills are a bit rusty}



  1. Writing is the easy bit. It is getting people to read what I have written that is the hard part – writers need marketing skills too.

    • That’s true! I think if you like your writing others will like it too. I’m not the best at the marketing part either.

  2. elizabeth

    Some days I’m Imma and others I’m Gram 🙂

    • Me too Elizabeth 🙂

  3. Great picture and post! I’m a left-brained person and writer. I’m a nonfiction writer, not a creative writer. It sounds stiff, but that’s just how I am. I do hope to someday write a novel to add to the nonfiction books I write. I don’t experience writer’s block, at least not lately, but I am a perfectionist, but that also makes me a good editor. So you are right that both types of writers are needed in this world!

    • Room in the writer’s field for all kinds of writers. It’s the variety that makes it so wonderful 🙂 You can learn to access the other side at times too. It’s easy for me because I’m a right/left brain person who leans a bit to the right and then to the left…. lol. But you can do it even if you land fully in left brain world by practicing (especially free writing). I’m working on some exercises for both sides. Thanks for dropping in! Angie

      • The free writing sounds like a great idea! I’ve done that before, but it turned out like a journal entry. I guess I need a fictional writing prompt to start me off next time. The exercises that you’re working on…are you going to post those here?

      • Yes I am Christine. The point of free writing is to just write – no structure, no corrections, no judgment. If I start out free writing, I often wind up with an idea for a post or article or even an art piece. It usually starts out something like: I have no idea what I’m going to write but I’m going to keep writing till something happens… Eventually something does happen. We all have both sides, just most people lean toward one or another. I’ll get working on those 🙂

  4. I’m more a left than right brain. Rarely do I cast all caution to the wind but when I DO, it’s all good, however, it’s rarel

    I like the points about writing you weave into your posts. Keep it up. Great work, Angela.

    • Thanks Tess 🙂

  5. I used to be an overthinker but not lately… perhaps it is the sickness I am trying to get over but it’s way more freethinking for my attitude!

    • Christy, I get that way sometimes too lol. Usually I can’t slow my brain down though. 🙂

  6. Lots of Love angie 🙂

  7. A great way to look at the two sides in every situation…Thanks, Angie! 🙂

    • Thanks Sunshine 🙂

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