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Word Play: Illiteration

 This one is from Gram.  In the continued spirit of playing with words and all the many things that can go wrong in the English language, I want to share a word from the Urban Dictionary.  A few examples follow the definition.  I hope you enjoy😀   Illiteration – 1.  The repetition of spelling mistakes …

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The right brain/left brain conundrum: Do you hold yourself back?

The following is an excerpt from an article in which Dian Curtis Regan, a prolific writer of children’s and YA material of all kinds, offers some advice to newbies.  The article is “Ask the Author:  Dian Curtis Reagan” by Jon Bard of Children’s Book Insider (check out his newsletter).     The question: “I recently …

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More Word Play: Euphemisms

Today, we’re going to play with words again. eu·phe·mism eu-phe-mism  /ˈyufəˌmɪzəm/ Show Spelled [yoo-fuh-miz-uhm]    noun 1.  the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt. 2.  the expression so substituted: “To pass away” is a euphemism for “to die.” Euphemisms often hit the funny bone.  It is a …

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The English Language: Gotta love it 3

This one, again, I do not have a clue who wrote it.  It’s up to you whether to read it or not.😀 You lovers of the English language might enjoy this .. There is a two-letter word that perhaps has more meanings than any other two-letter word, and that is ‘UP.’ It’s easy to understand …

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The English Language: Gotta Love it 2

This came in the same e-mail (and I’m sure you’ve all seen it at one time or another) but I did find out who wrote it.  Richard Lederer, a man who has used and abused the English language for a living.  He is definitely a man after my own heart, and someone I plan to explore …

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Have you thunk a thought lately?

Think left (brain) and think right (brain) and think low and think high.  Oh, the THINKS you can think up if only you try! –Dr. Seuss (Oh, the THINKS you can Think!) Imagination is a wonderful thing.  It takes you places you could never go.  It takes you places that don’t exist, except in your …

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10 things not to say to a writer: the answers

The original post of 10 worst things to say to a writer is here. Elizabeth over at Elizabeth’s Ramblings reblogged this with her own answers.   Writers are liars. I finally got around to doing my own answers and here they are:      ENJOY!   1.  So, you’re still writing your little Poetry book?    Yes, the …

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Grammar Nazis beware: This post may be hazardous to your health

For a lighter moment, I just had to share this poem posted by a friend on facebook.  It’s a wonder we can learn English Grammar at all, so just keep it light and laugh at yourself — you’re not alone!   Type any name to tag:

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Writing – an ever learning process

Imma:  {Looks at Gram over her glasses from her computer chair.}  Gram did you see that quote by Robert Frost I was reading the other day? Gram:  {Smiles and looks up from her ever-present mending.}  Yes, I did.  “Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on.”  I really like that. Imma:  Thanks, Gram.  I like …

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Knitting Patterns and Stories

Gram:  Imma, you know, in keeping with our analogy, we could also say the knitting pattern applies to story telling as well. Imma:  You’re right Gram!  When we write a story, we have to start with a pattern of sorts, don’t we. Gram:  Sure, we have to have an idea what kind of book we’re …

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