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10 things not to say to a writer: the answers

The original post of 10 worst things to say to a writer is here. Elizabeth over at Elizabeth’s Ramblings reblogged this with her own answers.   Writers are liars. I finally got around to doing my own answers and here they are:      ENJOY!   1.  So, you’re still writing your little Poetry book?    Yes, the …

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More advice

Let’s look at a few more slogans:   If it works, don’t fix it. Gram:  This one hits me hard.  As a person who tends toward OCD perfectionism, I have to be reminded to stop before I ruin the work by trying to ‘fix’ it.  That’s one way an editor can come in handy; they can …

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Writing – an ever learning process

Imma:  {Looks at Gram over her glasses from her computer chair.}  Gram did you see that quote by Robert Frost I was reading the other day? Gram:  {Smiles and looks up from her ever-present mending.}  Yes, I did.  “Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on.”  I really like that. Imma:  Thanks, Gram.  I like …

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I am a professional writer

Richard Bach:   (Never stop trying. )“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”   Gram and Imma sit in their rockers, mending. . . Imma:  You know, Gram, it’s funny how our creative processes work themselves out differently.  Many people don’t recognize that you are creative too. Gram:  Thank you, Imma,  I guess I …

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Handling Criticism — Learning to Critique

Today I’m sharing a post from someone else about criticism.  Before I share the link, here are a few things to think over:   ►Do you anticipate your comments with every post to judge whether you have ‘made it’ as a writer? ►Do you cry/pout/sulk/rage/fill-in-the-blank when you get criticism for something you wrote? ►Do you …

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My Favorite Lady Friend

Disclaimer – this poem isn’t really meant to be “good” or deep or anything else than a fun exercise.  It is written by me, Gram, to my other half, Imma.  As you know, I enjoy playing with words, and this poem worked well with that goal.  I hope you enjoy🙂 Gram My Favorite Lady Friend I …

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Room for Imperfections

Gram and Imma both admit they have imperfections, in their writing and most other areas of their life.  They also agree that how you handle your imperfections is much more important than the imperfections themselves. ~*~ Some paintings or works of art have imperfections that make them special.  They set them apart and give a …

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Imma and Gram — BFFs

Did you know that Gram and Imma are Besties? If you can wrap your brain around the idea that two sides of my brain can be friends, you will understand.  Both sides of your brain are important and work together to create the unique and wonderful you!  Each side has it’s own unique function, but they need one …

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