The Gremlin Got Me!

A writing Gremlin has been eating both sides of my brain dogging my steps lately.  I’m not sure what his name is, but I sure wish he’d go away.  Some might call him ‘writer’s block’; others might call him ‘extreme busy-ness’.  I just call him a pain in the butt neck.  Fortunately, in my blog reading tours, I have noticed I am not alone.  Others struggle with getting posts out too, for whatever reasons.


For me, this has been a time of reevaluation and refection.  I’ve asked myself a few questions:



►What has derailed me?

►Where do I want to go with my blog(s)?

►Have I allowed my priorities to get skewed?

►Am I trying too hard?

►Will my readers still be there when I work through this?

►Is it time to stop blogging?

►What am I ‘supposed to’ be doing?  (i.e. is this part of God’s plan for me?)



I have found some answers and many more questions.  No, I’m not leaving.  I am reevaluating and reworking my self and my time use skills (or lack thereof.)  I’d also love it if any of you would like to do a guest blog post on Writing with Both Sides of Your Brain.  Just let me know.  In the mean time, thank you to you all for taking this ride with Gram and Imma.  You are the best!  🙂



  1. Jenny Alexander

    Interesting Angie – another blog I follow, by Abi Burlingham, is on a break, and I think I may stop making it a regular Wednesday thing, but make it more flexible – and we’ve both been blogging about a year. Here’s her post I know the received wisdom is that followers like a regular day, but I’ll be around whenever Abi posts, so I’m not sure it’s right

    • Yes, I noticed a lot of people in the same boat lately. All the blogs I follow are on Google Reader, so it doesn’t matter what day because I get to it when I get to it and the posts wait patiently for me there. I’m going to try to make mine on regular days, but I’m giving myself permission to do what I can do and be happy with that. Thank you for sharing the link. I will check it out soon. 🙂 Angie

  2. Kana Tyler

    Did you hear my sigh of relief when I got to the line, “No, I’m not leaving”…? 😉 Thanks for sticking with your eager readers!

    • Aw, thank you Kana. Those kind of remarks help a lot!!! 🙂

  3. I had the same problem earlier this year and wrote about my take on it here (it might encourage you or give you things to think about);

    I saw your comment yesterday about this. I can’t remember if it was on Christine’s post or the one she linked to. It’s a tough issue to work through, but I’d encourage you to find the answer that’s right for you and stick with whatever that is.


  4. I have missed your blogs and hope you will soon feel inspired to come back on line. I find that I have quite long periods when I cannot find ideas but then they come flooding in and I am back on line until I dry up again!

    • I guess we’re all the same, aren’t we? I love blogging, so I hope I can get my act together soon. 🙂 Thanks for coming by! 🙂

  5. Welcome back, says I who cannot even keep to her regular day but slips into the next (of late). Glad to hear you’re not leaving. I want you to know, even though I am only half present myself (reading post and keeping up with them), I have noticed your absence. You can run but you can’t hide, Angie…LOL. Do whatever works for YOU. I’ve been doing some adjusting too as a lot of other have also.

  6. Tess, I’ve noticed :). I’m glad you’ll chase me down if I disappear. 😀

  7. Maybe it’s less daylight, or the chill in the air or just seasonal fatigue, but I’m with you on all the questioning, Angie. I can’t even find the draft of a story I was going to enter in a contest at the end of this week.
    I might take a breather, but I won’t give up entirely. The ideas would start churning in my mind as soon as I did. I can’t decide if it’s a No Win situation, or a Gift.

    • Must be the time of year? One nice thing is that the reading load is lighter with fewer posts 🙂

  8. Planting Potatoes

    I can relate to your dilemma…….I struggled at first to write “something” no matter what…then I learned that I was just writing words that were not inspired…just thrown together to satisfy a self-imposed requirement to fill my blog. Now I have reached a point where I want to learn and explore..which means I must read a lot more than I write..but when I do write…hopefully,, they will be words of inspired passion.

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