Word Power Away!

With the younger grandkids here this week, I am getting a mega-dose of children’s programing.  Super Readers, Word Girl, and Build-a-Word, among others, teach children about the wonder of words.  Both children (2 and 4) have eyes glued to the set and try to participate when it’s called for.  The power of words.  If this were my other blog, I would discuss how words affect others.  Here, however, I want to talk about how important words are to us.  As many of you are writers, you understand the difficulty, at times, of putting words together in a meaningful way.  You also understand the importance of doing so to communicate your idea to your readers.

You are important!  What if writers did not exist?  What would people read?  How would they expand their minds?  How would they communicate?  How would they live?!

What you write is important!  There’s a lot of bad writing out there, but there’s some great writing out there as well.  I know each of you want to be in the last category.  You care about your readers and want to inform, inspire, motivate, and make a difference.  Do you think about your reader when you write?  Even if the person you write for is yourself, you should.  Whether you write from your left brain, right brain, or both, what you write makes a difference.  It either contributes to the growth of society (readers) or it doesn’t.

Super Writer!  Did you know you have super powers?  Yes, you!  The words you put down, string together, offer to readers, can help wipe out illiteracy, increase knowledge, provide enjoyment, and much more.   On the other hand, your words can harm and you can be come a “super villain” in the writing world.  No one here would do that though.  You are all super heroes, using your power to enhance the world!

Your Award:   I created a new award (sorry if someone else has one like it – I’ve not seen it if you do).  I would like to bestow this on each of you.  Please take it and pass it on.  The only rule is that the recipient use his or her words in a way that uplifts or helps others in some way.  Congratulations from Emma and Gram!

Thank you for using your words to enhance our world.
Image belongs to creator, but award is free to pass on.




  1. Excellent!

    • Thank you George 🙂

  2. I award the ‘Super Writer’s Award ‘ to you.

    • How sweet! 🙂 Can’t wait to see where this lands.

  3. As do I. You deserve this as much as anyone I can imagine, Angie. Congratulations and might I mention this is an awesome looking artwork (how about artword?). Oh, cross my heart and I PROMISE! Thank you.

    • Thanks 🙂 Artword is great – you invented a new word! Thank you so much Tess. 🙂

  4. Awesome! Can I put down the edge of my blog and link it back to your site? Great Job!
    God Bless You!

    • Of course you can. Thank you very much. 🙂

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