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The English Language: Gotta love it 3

This one, again, I do not have a clue who wrote it.  It’s up to you whether to read it or not. :D You lovers of the English language might enjoy this .. There is a two-letter word that perhaps has more meanings than any other two-letter word, and that is ‘UP.’ It’s easy to …

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The English Language: Gotta Love it 2

This came in the same e-mail (and I’m sure you’ve all seen it at one time or another) but I did find out who wrote it.  Richard Lederer, a man who has used and abused the English language for a living.  He is definitely a man after my own heart, and someone I plan to explore …

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The English Language: Gotta love it

Today we look at the English language again.  I LOVE language/words!   For a post on my other blog, I looked in a thesaurus trying to get a different way to say “Random Ramblings”  My favorite was “Promiscuous Ponderings’.  You can take a look here if you like.  I did not use that title, of course, but …

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Having some problems with posting on here, but I think everything is resolved. I will be back soon. Angie aka Gram and Imma.

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Have you thunk a thought lately?

Think left (brain) and think right (brain) and think low and think high.  Oh, the THINKS you can think up if only you try! –Dr. Seuss (Oh, the THINKS you can Think!) Imagination is a wonderful thing.  It takes you places you could never go.  It takes you places that don’t exist, except in your …

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Writing: Join me for the Journey

Did you take the ride with me or find yourself standing on the sidelines, confused?   Writing is a meld of the writer and the reader.  After all, if no one reads what we write, what’s the point in writing?  The reader is a necessary ingredient for success as a writer.   As much as the reader …

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Lies Writers Believe

Today, as I read in a book called, “Lies Women Believe:  And the Truth that Sets Them Free” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, I started thinking about writing and the lies we writers believe.  I can’t really speak for everyone, but these are a few of the one’s I’ve told myself.   THE LIE:  I can’t write …

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10 things not to say to a writer: the answers

The original post of 10 worst things to say to a writer is here. Elizabeth over at Elizabeth’s Ramblings reblogged this with her own answers.   Writers are liars. I finally got around to doing my own answers and here they are:      ENJOY!   1.  So, you’re still writing your little Poetry book?    Yes, the …

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More advice

Let’s look at a few more slogans:   If it works, don’t fix it. Gram:  This one hits me hard.  As a person who tends toward OCD perfectionism, I have to be reminded to stop before I ruin the work by trying to ‘fix’ it.  That’s one way an editor can come in handy; they can …

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Advice from an Addict Program

The 12-Step program for alcohol and other addictions, gives addicts a place to go and find healing.  They have a lot of slogans they use as reminders to help them work the program.   A lot of these slogans apply to almost anything we struggle with in life, including our writing.  Today we want to share a …

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