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The English Language: Gotta love it 3

This one, again, I do not have a clue who wrote it.¬† It’s up to you whether to read it or not.ūüėÄ You lovers of the English language might enjoy this .. There is a two-letter word that perhaps has more meanings than any other two-letter word, and that is ‘UP.’ It’s easy to understand …

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The English Language: Gotta Love it 2

This came in the same e-mail (and I’m sure you’ve all seen it at one time or another) but I did find out who wrote it.¬† Richard Lederer, a man who has used and abused the English language for a living.¬† He is definitely¬†a man after my own heart, and someone I plan to explore …

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The English Language: Gotta love it

Today we look at the English language again.¬† I LOVE language/words!¬†¬† For a post on my other blog, I looked in a thesaurus trying to get a different way to say “Random Ramblings”¬† My favorite was “Promiscuous Ponderings’.¬† You can take a look here¬†if you like.¬† I did not use that title, of course, but …

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Having some problems with posting on here, but I think everything is resolved. I will be back soon. Angie aka Gram and Imma.

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Have you thunk a thought lately?

Think left (brain) and think right (brain) and think low and think high.¬† Oh, the THINKS you can think up if only you try! –Dr. Seuss (Oh, the THINKS you can Think!) Imagination is a wonderful thing.¬† It takes you places you could never go.¬† It takes you places that don’t exist, except in your …

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Writing: Join me for the Journey

Did you take the ride with me or find yourself standing on the sidelines, confused?¬†¬† Writing is a meld of the writer and the reader.¬† After all, if no one reads what we write, what’s the point in writing?¬† The reader is a necessary ingredient for success as a writer.¬†¬† As much as the reader …

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Lies Writers Believe

Today, as I read in a book called, “Lies Women Believe:¬† And the Truth that Sets Them Free”¬†by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, I started thinking about writing and the lies we writers believe.¬† I can’t really speak for everyone, but these are a few of the one’s I’ve told myself.   THE LIE:¬† I can’t write …

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10 things not to say to a writer: the answers

The original post of 10 worst things to say to a writer is here. Elizabeth over at Elizabeth’s Ramblings reblogged this with her own answers.¬†¬† Writers are liars. I finally got around to doing my own answers and here they are:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ENJOY!   1.¬† So, you‚Äôre still writing your little Poetry book?¬†   Yes, the …

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More advice

Let’s look at a few more slogans:   If it works, don’t fix it. Gram:¬† This one hits me hard.¬† As a person who tends toward OCD¬†perfectionism, I have to be reminded to stop before I ruin the work by trying to ‘fix’ it.¬† That’s one way an editor can come in handy; they can …

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Advice from an Addict Program

The 12-Step program for alcohol and other addictions, gives addicts a place to go and find healing.¬† They have a lot of slogans they use as reminders to help them work the program.¬†¬† A lot of these slogans apply to almost anything we struggle with in life, including our writing.¬† Today¬†we want to share a …

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