More Word Play: Euphemisms

Today, we’re going to play with words again.


eu-phe-mism  /ˈyufəˌmɪzəm/ Show Spelled [yoo-fuh-miz-uhm]    noun

1.  the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.
2.  the expression so substituted: “To pass away” is a euphemism for “to die.”
Euphemisms often hit the funny bone.  It is a ‘nice’ way to say something without coming out and saying it.  No, we’re not going X rated here.  Has your family or friends ever sat around and thought up euphemisms for something?  Such as passing gas?  Of course, when we do this, we often make up new ones which adds to the hilarity.  But even if we stick to the tried and true.  It’s a fun game to play.  Here are some ephemisms I’ve seen/heard/found:
Flatulance                             Fat                              Death    
“Passing gas”                           “healthy”                      pass away
Skunk on a scooter                 big                                 fought the long battle
Mouse on a motorcycle         hefty                              meet your maker
“Not me” did it.                      big-boned                      six feet under
Butt burp                                 overweight                    pushing up daisies
Silent but deadly                    well-built                       kick he bucket
Whoever smelt it dealt it      plus-sized                      put down (animal)
7.4 on the Rectum scale        pleasingly plump
Air bagel                                   rubenesque                  Unemployed
anal ahem                                                                        between jobs
backdoor breeze                     Nose                            a resting actor
backfire                                    honker
barking spiders                                                              Lying
blowing the butt bugle          Nose mucus             economical with the truth
blowing you a kiss                  bat in the cave
butt trumpet                            boogers                       Arguments
cut the cheese                                                                have words with
       a stinker                            More                           full and frank discussion
       a poot                                Internet Troll
fire a stink torpedo               Bite the dust           Perspire/glow
                                                  downsizing              visually impaired
                                                  pre-owned vehicles      wardrobe malfunction
                                                  stretching the trut        A dear john letter
Ok, some of those are fun and some, eh.  But this is another way to play with words.  Keeping it clean, what euphemisms do you hear commonly?  Have you ever made them up?  Do you know any really funny ones?   How about those politically correct euphemisms?   Whether you just enjoy these or add a few of your own in the comments, relax and have fun with the English language. 😀     I wonder how much having a boy around had to do with my choice of topic today????


  1. Another one for death – ‘Handing in your dinner plate’
    And for a stupid person – ‘A sandwich short of a picnic’

  2. Kevin Burgess


  3. ‘butt burp’- well now that’s one way to describe it that I hadn’t heard before!

    • Bummer! I forgot all about stupid people! I’m sur there are tons and tons of those!

      • That reply was for Anne lol. And it’s sure, not sur. I hadn’t heard of that one either Christy!

  4. Some of these are naughty. I haven’t thought of euphemisms in forever. Nice to be reminded, Angie. Maybe, I’ve simply been living under a rock. Ha ha.

    • I hope their not naughty or I wouldn’t have put them on here lol. We think naughty when we think euphemisms, but there are many, many, many of them for all kinds of things. I thought of a bunch more after I posted this lol. (Of course – always happens that way!).

  5. I loved this post! It brought back so many memories. While my mother did not use cutesy or vague replacement terms for the anatomy, she and I did have our euphemism for menstruation–“Aunt Flo”–and menstrual cramps were “kickers.” I think we used them because they made us grin instead of cringe.
    Thanks for a fun blog!

    • Thanks Marilyn. I had forgot about Aunt Flo lol. It’s amazing how often we use euphemisms for all kinds of things. 🙂 Angie


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