Have you thunk a thought lately?

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Imagination (Photo credit: four12)

Think left (brain) and think right (brain) and think low and think high. 

Oh, the THINKS you can think up if only you try!

–Dr. Seuss (Oh, the THINKS you can Think!)

Imagination is a wonderful thing.  It takes you places you could never go.  It takes you places that don’t exist, except in your mind.  It can go wherever it wants, or wherever you allow it to go.  As a person with a highly vivid imagination (did anyone guess that?), I am not bound by convention.  I don’t have to do things the way everyone else does them.  I can think of a new way to do things, or a new take on an old way.  This comes in handy in my writing (and many other things like my worship and teaching….).  A writer who cannot imagine – who can imagine such a thing?  Even the most mundane writers have to have an imagination to string together words in a way no one else has done it before (copyright infringement beware!)


Destination: Imagination

Destination: Imagination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Children, the master imaginers, spend their time in many worlds.  When we write, we can take them to our world.  Reading can take them to many, many worlds!  Why is it we tend to misplace, push aside, or abandon imagination when we grow?   One of the things I love about Dr. Seuss, and why he is a great example for this post, is that he used his imagination in ways that no one would have thought could lead to the popularity he achieved.   Dr. Seuss is definitely NOT a think-inside-the-box kind of guy.  I love him!  So do many children from many generations.  Shel Silverstein is another example of a writer that goes off in left field against the grain of other’s expectations.


 This is my attempt at a poem about an imaginary world:

Imagine a world where we all drank green tea.

Where moonbeams were roses and all things were free.

Where everyone everywhere always played nice

Where the words that we spoke were always concise.

Where flowers were lollipops, and calorie-free

Where I could always just be me.

Where bees gave kisses and never gave stings

Where we all found safety in mom’s apron strings.

A place where the word politics has never been heard

A place to delight in the delightfully absurd.

So, welcome to my place, I hope you’ll agree.

It’s always fun when imagination’s the master key!

I’ve shown you my world, now you show me yours

I can’t wait to meet my new neighbors!

Angela Masters Young c 2012


Gram is biting her tongue on that one because a few things could be tweaked, but she often ruins something because she just can’t let it be.  She has an imagination, but it’s definitely more of an in-the-box imagination.  She keeps me grounded, but occasionally, I like to fly off into the world of my imagination.  Sometimes I even talk Gram into going with me ;D.


What about you?  Do you allow your imagination free reign or do you have it packed in a box in the back of the closet?  

Imagination - HNBD

Imagination – HNBD (Photo credit: HNBD)


The challenge for this post is to take a moment (when you can) and unpack your imagination.  Allow it to go wherever it will with no restraint.  If you like, feel free to share on a post of your own or in the comments below, what you did.  I’d love to see it 😀    Imma


{This week is my 2nd granddaughter’s turn for her alone week at gma’s house.  She is quite imaginative (gulp).  She once made koolaid in the bathtub and took her mommy’s face mud and gave the (persian) cat a treatment.  While I am typing this, she is playing games on my iPad.  She has gotten up to dance to some music (totally uninhibited – believe me!).  She is now listening to a game that reads to her a story in which she has chosen random words (as prompted).  The resultant mad lib type story is hilarious.  Does she care that it is not true to life (after all, have you ever fallen off a penguin?)?  No, the more it appeals to her imagination, the better she likes it.  Tomorrow will be “tivities” day, and her creations will definitely show the imagination at work in this free-spirit child.  Isn’t it great what we can learn from children if we will?}


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  1. Imagination, thinking outside the box is a great thing. Dr. Suess is a favorite of mine also. Your site looks awesome. Checking it out. Thanks for visiting my site. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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