Writing – an ever learning process

A U.S stamp with the picture of the poet Rober...

A U.S stamp with the picture of the poet Robert Frost. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imma:  {Looks at Gram over her glasses from her computer chair.}  Gram did you see that quote by Robert Frost I was reading the other day?

Gram:  {Smiles and looks up from her ever-present mending.}  Yes, I did.  “Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on.”  I really like that.

Imma:  Thanks, Gram.  I like it too.  You know so many people think of education as something you do, and then it’s over.  Education is so much more than that.

Gram:  True, Imma.  Education is a life-long process, not something fleeting such as cramming facts into your head and hoping most of it doesn’t leak right back out.

Imma:   What I really like about the quote is the “hanging around until” part.  As writers, we often feel like we’re swimming above our heads with all the new things out there.

Gram:  Not to mention all the advice!

Imma:  True.  It’s confusing at best at times.  But, I got to thinking about our writing and this quote.  When we first started learning to write, we didn’t know anything, but we hung around until we got it.  Now look at all the things we’ve learned since then.

Gram:  Sure enough, we face various new challenges in our writing all the time.  We don’t always know what we’re doing, but we stay at it until we learn what we need to know to do it well or decide it wasn’t for us.

Imma: I sure remember the frustration of trying to learn how to write for college professors.  But then, all learning involves frustration.  I

guess another way of putting it would be “keep at it till the frustration turns on the light bulb of learning.”  That’s a bit corny, but it works.

Diagram showing the major parts of a modern in...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imma and Gram chuckle

Gram:  I think I know where you’re going with this.   Instead of worrying and fretting when we take our writing in a new direction, or worse, not doing anything, we can hang around until we get it, learn it, get that lightbulb moment.  Since we know all learning starts with frustration, we can deal with it and keep going until we have mastered the new thing we’re trying to learn.

Imma:  Yes, Gram, that’s it.  Education is a lifelong process and the brain, right or left, that stops learning starts to die.  And, we don’t have to worry about being perfect, we’re learning!

Buzzer goes off

Gram:  Ah, that’s my pie coming out of the over.  Would you like a piece, Ms. Imma?

Imma:  Sure, that sounds delicious.  I remember some of your first attempts at learning to bake pies. . . .

Voices fade out as the ladies head to the kitchen.



  1. elizabeth

    Sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn, but thank goodness the education waits for us to catch up. I’m one of them thar slow-learners. 🙂

    • Lol. I think we all are sometimes. Hope you didn’t notice my typos ;]


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