I loved this concept for creativity of the writer, and since it’s right down Gram’s and Emma’s alley, I just had to share with you. How do you like your tea?


Just about every country has a different way of making tea and just about every person has a different approach tomaking starting a new story.

Coming from a job (dance) that requires visualisation only and not the spoken or written word (unless you’re a repetiteur, a person who records choreography using Benesh Movement Notation, the language of ‘written’ ballet) I naturally tend tosee my story in movie-form first from start to finish, allowing my imagination to run wild, keeping my foot off the brakes and seeing where it goes. And always it surprises me! Many people have muses that guide them, inspire them, and give them great ideas that they, of themselves, could never conceive of.

I, on the other hand, do not have a muse, but I fully trust in my unconscious mind, and, if you want to get esoterical about it, I suppose I can say…

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  1. Thanks so much for reblogging my post! Glad you like it! I really enjoyed your post ’10 Things Not to Say’! Tweeted it, I believe! Happy blogging!

    • Thank you on both counts! Angie

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