10 Things Not to Say

We found this on a professional website facebook and just had to share here.  We have personally heard some of these statements many times.  It hurts the worst when it’s family members who say it.  It’s amazing how many people misunderstand the life of a writer.  While we do not claim to be “professional” writers, we do appreciate the hard work.  It’s doubly hard when people think you have nothing to do, so you might as well help them out.  They are so busy, after all.  Anyway, before this turns into a rant. . .     and by the way, with a little change, this works for non-creative (is there such a thing?) writers as well.



  1. So TRUE!

    • Sadly, yes 🙂

  2. Yes, I’ve heard many of these things. Could you put a list of responses together for us? 🙂
    God Bless You!

    • Hmmm I’ll have to think about that one. Anyone else want to offer some replies?

  3. I have responses for many of them, they are not for public consumption though.

    • Hahahahaha. Ok, I guess well skip those or edit them. I would tell you what I’ve said to a family member, but I better not. No cursing, but still not nice. It’s not nice to disrespect people either. Maybe I should get Ann Marie on those responses. She’s quite good at dealing out seemingly nice responses ( since they probably go over the head of the recipients). He he. Ang

      • Indeed she is, I simply don’t have her patience or wit.

  4. authormjlogan

    One, three and six. One just makes me boil.
    My responses:
    One – Yes, I write about 20,000 words a week and when I have time, I work on my book(s) too.
    Three – Nope it isn’t hard at all. You should quit your job and do it too. Easy money.
    Six – Yes I have. Publishers from all over the world seek me out and hire me to write for them.
    Two (I don’t get this often) – I wouldn’t know what that is like. I work 12 to 16 hours a day, six to seven days a week.

    • Mike those are the ones that get me to. I never claimed to be a “pro”. But my writing is serious to me. I offer to let them have a go at it and see how easy it really isn’t to write things other people want to read. Actually, I don’t let it bother me most of the time. You can turn it back on them sometimes (I’ll save that for later), but I tend to feel sorry for people who are dumb enough (and rude enough) to make these comments.

      • authormjlogan

        Angela, I claim to be a pro. I decided I was going to be one, and I became one. It is true that I write content for clients on four different continents and I have no idea how many countries.

        And technically, if you have earned income from writing, you’re a pro.

        You can always challenge the challenger – Ask them if they’d like to write a 2500 word article on different kinds of quarks for a quantum physics site.

      • Thanks for the reminder – I am a pro. I just dissed myself in that comment, didn’t I? Exactly — when you can do it, then you can put me down is a good come back. The thing is that people who say these things have no idea about writing. Humans have a tendency to value what they value and not what others value — not considering that they should respect the other even if the other is different. Ah well. We all say dumb things sometimes. 🙂

  5. I get ideas pitched to me by non-writers in my life a lot 🙂 I identify with the list!

    • I’m ok with that. You never know when they might spark something. It’s the way they do it that makes a difference. 🙂 Angie


  1. 10 things not to say to a writer: the answers « writing with both sides of my brain

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