Stories: An adventure in Flash Fiction

We have talking about telling stories lately.  Telling stories is a part of writing, even when we’re telling the story as an article.  Today Gram and Imma would like to present you with a piece of flash fiction.  Actually it’s flash fiction with a split personality.  We like to call this a ‘tri-story’.  We hope you have fun with it. 🙂

Reading the story:

1.  All the words in italics and underlined are in each part of the story.

2.  The words in the 1st story are regular typing.

3.  The words in the 2nd story are in bold.

4.  The words in the 3rd story are in color.

5.  How you read it is up to you.  You can try to read it all together and keep the parts straight.  You can read one at a time.  You can mix and match.  You can read it standing on your head; “you can read it in a box; you can read it with a fox; you can read it here or there; you can read it anywhere!”


What do you think?  Were you able to keep up?  Did one of the stories appeal more to your right or left brain?  Do you think you could do this? 

Story 1:  New Love   Story 2:  Anything but love  Story 3:  Married Love      These were my 3 themes.

Your CHALLENGE, should you choose to accept it, is to write your own Flash Fiction tri-story (or bi-story, or quadruple-story, …).  You can do it here or on your own blog, but if you do it elsewhere, please link back here so I (and others) can read it.  Most of all:  Have fun!!!!!

Since my feedback so far said this was difficult to read, I redid it, so I hope it’s better.  Stories posted separately in next post.  I apologize for any typos as well.  They may be fixed, but I could have missed more. 🙂

I hope that wasn’t too difficult to read.  I had to do it as paint pictures to keep the color and formatting. 🙂



  1. elizabeth

    Wow Angela, I don’t know how you wrote that. I really had a tough time reading it. I tried to stay with the first story (regular typing) but was so distracted by everything else going on that I found it difficult to stay focused. And I don’t know how bright the green is on your screen, but on mine it looks a little distorted. Sorry I couldn’t be more positive.

    • That’s alright. Maybe I’ll post them separately later. It’s distorted because I had to make it in paint to keep the color. Thanks for trying 🙂 It’s all in fun.

  2. My hats off to you! I don’t even want to try to put something like that together! Impressive though!
    God Bless You!

    • Thanks a lot. It gave me a headache for sure!!!! That’s one reason I don’t do fiction (I had typed friction – hmmmm) very often. I thought this went well with the split sides of the brain lol.

  3. elizabeth

    ‘Friction’ LOL maybe your left-side brain was trying to tell your right-side brain to take it easy. Or should that be the other way around???

    My hats off to you too. It had to be a LOT of work. I know any time I try to use color fonts it’s a nightmare. I keep having to choose the color for every new line. It’s so frustrating.

    • Lol – you are very right!! This post caused some friction for sure. Color fonts weren’t a problem because I do them all the time in planning my SS class stuff, but writing it was awful!!! My husband kept talking to me and shiny things distracted me…. It was fun though in the long run 🙂

    • BTW- I’m not sure if this is what you meant about changing fonts every line, but I usually type everything out in regular black and then go back and highlight or change font colors. You still have a lot of tedious work to do, but you don’t have to keep changing back to black. It’s a lot easier to just use black and one color too. Trying to italicize, bold, color and keep track — friction ???? 🙂

  4. authormjlogan

    I could not follow it. My brain–left and right–is objecting. Maybe because it was too hard? Because I’m tired? Not sure.

    • Ha ha, you should have seen me writing it – can you say headache? Never fear the separated stories are in the next post. I guess no one is going to take me up on my challenge on this one 🙂 Thanks for all the tweets… btw 🙂


  1. Flash Fiction Follow-Up « Writing with both sides of my brain

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