Knitting a Story?

Gram and Imma sit in their rocking chairs, knitting needles clacking with the sound of their squeaking chairs.  (Boy does it get noisy in my head!)  Squeak, click, click squeak, repeat.

Circular knitting on a circular needle

Circular knitting on a circular needle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gram:  You know, Imma, knitting is a lot like writing a story.  You take the threads of the story yarn and weave it bit by bit into a beautiful story item.


Imma:  I see what you mean, Gram.  I am using a pattern, but the finished piece is still completely mine because my stitches are unlike anyone else’s and my choice of color is my own.


Gram:  Exactly!  Sometimes the story item we knit has one or two story lines characters colors or types of stitches.  Other times, we weave many different colors into a simple or a complex pattern.


Imma:  Oh! And if I make a mistake or don’t like something, I can rip the story piece down to the place I don’t like and redo it.  Occasionally, I might even have to scrap it and start over.


Gram:  That’s very true.  You know, Imma, even when we scrap it and start over, we don’t throw everything out.  We rewind our yarn, iron out our pattern and start over again using the same elements.  I guess we don’t have to scrap a whole story just because it doesn’t quite please us.


Imma:  We can also leave it sit for a while when we feel frustrated or just tired of it.  Then sometime later, we can pick it up where it is and keep going until it is finished.  Sometimes we have to let it sit several times before we are ready to call it finished.  Our writing is like that too.


Gram:  Funny girl.  Is that why we have so many unfinished drafts in que here?


Imma:  Oooo, here’s a thought!  When I make something, I can see what it’s going to look like at the end, but others looking at it will see an unfinished mess or a partial masterpiece until I finish, and they can see the entire thing.

English: lace tablecloth made using knitting n...

English: lace tablecloth made using knitting needles Polski: koronkowa serweta wykonana na drutach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gram:  So we envision the finished product from the start.  We can also make changes along the way if we see how a new vision would improve the finished product story!  And you, Miss Creativity, sometimes start a project without a pattern and see where it will take you.


Imma:  Why, thank you, Gram!  You’re pretty creative yourself!  I don’t know what I’d do without you!


Gram:  Ditto that, Imma!  So, what’s that you’re working on there? . . .



  1. Elizabeth

    Love the analogy.

    • Thanks Elizabeth:)

  2. You are so CLEVER, Angie. What an inspiration you are. Totally love how you knit your story.
    I can’t believe that Polish tablecloth was done on knitting needles. Beautiful! Kind of goes to show how something amazing can come out of a small idea.

  3. VERY cool concept Angie! I am off now to share – I must!

  4. Reblogged this on knitxpressions and commented:
    Not too long ago, I actually had the thought that every piece of knit work is a story on its own – its colours, its pattern, its fabric and the sentiments a knitter has while knitting the entire project. And here it is now, someone put what I had in mind right into words. I couldn’t have expressed it all better myself!

    • That’s true — each work, even with a common pattern, is unique to it’s maker. It is a story in several senses, including the thoughts of the maker (who making it for, why, color choice,…). I’ll have to check out your site. Thanks very much 🙂 Angie


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