Warning: TMI!

Sunday:  The drama at church was absolutely awesome!  So glad we made it back to see it.  Then lunch with friends:)  Paper edited for a friend on Sunday afternoon – whew!  She is finishing her Master’s in psychology/counseling, and some of the stuff is like reading a foreign language – I don’t know the terms.  This makes editing it loads of fun.  Actually, I love it, even if I do whine a bit.  My friend insists editing her papers brings out the Grammar Nazi in me.  Hmmmmmm.  I don’t know what she’s talking about!  Just because I asked her to rip her semi-colon key off her computer and throw it away.  What’s wrong with that?  Then finally off to Dad’s.  Got there late, so straight to bed.

Monday:  Overslept, rushing all to get car packed, everyone in, and off to the VA.  Thank God my daughter was with me!  We went to the pack clinic first.  The bandage comes off dad’s foot and my daughter starts gagging.  The nurse practitioner begins the debreeding process, at which point daughter turns a few shades of green and runs out of the room.  🙂  She survived.   Off to x-ray to see if the infection is in the bone.

Then off to prosthetics.  What?  The elevator is broken?  ::sigh::  Find someone to tell us how to get there, make 2 turns, find someone else to tell us how to get there, make 2 turns, find someone else to tell us how to get there, ahhhhh, he shows us the right way and takes us all the way there!!!  So sweet:)  Momma’s dragging by this point.  New shoes for dad, well for one foot.  Then we find our way back to the main part of the hospital.

Now we sit and wait for the pharmacy to process his prescriptions.  Of course they are out of something, but eventually, we head out to get the car from the valet (thank you all the volunteers who do this!).  Unfortunately, the line was all the way up the steps to get out.  Had daughter take dad down and park him then come take my place in line so I could sit.  Eventually, we get our van and head out on the rest of our adventure.  Dad was starved, so we didn’t make it far without stopping to eat.  Then on.

We did arrive in Castalia (Ohio) in time for the end of the viewing.  Since Dad has to be in a wheel chair till his foot heals, we set him up and he held court with all the relatives….  Good time.  My beautiful Aunt Bessie invited us to stay the night with her.  She and I in her bed, Daughter on the couch, and Dad in an overstuffed easy chair that swollowed him up.  We’ll save that story for another time.

Tuesday: Up and ready to go, eventually.  Dad has to eat, so we followed Bessie part of the way till she waved us to go down a street for a McDonalds.  We got the food, and I managed to get back to the same road Bess had disappeared down.  I had told her I would call if we got lost.  Well, we got lost and no one was answering the phone.  In the interest of honesty, it wasn’t Bessie’s fault.  She had given me verbal instructions.  Unfortunately, I can only hold about 3 pieces of information in my head at a time.  After that, I hear blah, blah, blah, …   I finally called my hubs to ask him to look up how to get there.  After much drama and many turn arounds, we finally arrive at the church.  My husband is there! He came up to surprise me:)  Well the funeral was waiting for us to arrive (a bit late) so we moved on.

My Grandma Mabel had planned her funeral with who she wanted to do what, etc.  It was a glorious celebration of a life dedicated to God.  Amazing.  She did well planning her final goodbye.  Dinner afterwards at the church.  All was good.  Dad held court again.

Back to Bessie’s (Dad’s sister) after, along with David (Dad’s brother) and fam.  Great fellowship.  Decided to spend the night despite the fact that we were minus enough of dad’s pancreas pills to make it all the way home.  Bess went and got T-BONE STEAKS!!! for dinner.  Ordinarily, Dad would take an extra pill with a meal like that, but…

Wednesday:  Then eggs, bacon, buiscuits,… in the am.  Another meal that would require extra of his pills.  Oops.  Head home, trying to make it home before the next meal.

Maybe I should add here that my dad has genetic pancreatitis and diabetes.  He cannot digest his own food (especially fats) and must take these enzymes to digest his food.  If he does not get them… well, I’ll leave that to your imagination, but it is not pretty.  Who was the idiot who didn’t grab the bottle in case we had problems – yup, that would be:  ME!!!

So, we get a ways and he starts figgiting and fussing.  We decided we better find some pills long before we got home.  The fun had already begun.  Stopped at Sidney urgent care.  They couldn’t help, but we did use their bathroom to get him cleaned up and in new briefs.  Did I mention he refused my help because he “didn’t want me to remember him that way”?  I had to help him get his briefs and pants on, however.  Then a mad dash to the Dayton VA.  After the Sidney thing, he states, “Why don’t we find the VA, they can e-mail all my records there.”  Hmmm, better late than never?   Anyway, we finally got to the VA in Dayton.  They did help him out, but it was 4pm before we got out of there.

When we got near Cincy, we stopped at a Bob Evans for dinner.  Dad ordered a steak that had cheese and mushrooms on it.  It looked awful, but he ate it.  Maybe in retrospect, we should have sent it back.

Anyway, we get another couple hours down the road.  He was sleeping and not looking so good, but sleep is good, right?  About 30 minutes from Louisville, he wakes up and starts figgiting again and blowing his nose.  SAYS NOTHING!  All of a sudden, he puts his hanky up to his mouth and, yup, all over him and my van!!!!!!  Evidently he had been feeling queasy, but being the good father he is, he decided not to bother me.  Oh bother!

Pulled over and cleaned up as best we could with him arguing with me the whole time lol.  Went to a WM.  I had Daughter get a riding cart and meet us at the van.  Had him stand up (arguing he didn’t want anyone in WM (no where near where he lives) to see him covered in ick) and dust off what we can and send him off to the bathroom with wipes, clothes and the daughter while I park.

By the time I get back there, he and Karen are in the men’s bathroom.  Why they didn’t use the family one as I asked I don’t know.  The janitor was standing outside with all his stuff and a very strange look on his face.  Keeping watch?  Who knows.  I find the cart and there is dad’s wallet, change purse, sugar checker, and more laying there with no one to watch it.  OY VEY!  I put it all in my purse and head into the women’s bathroom.  Daughter comes out and sees everything gone from his cart and freaks out (he he:) mean mom).

Bought a towel for him to sit on and some water to wash the taste out of his mouth, and finally got on the road again.  Arrived at his home at 11:30 pm – EXHAUSTED!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to my beautiful daughter.  Just think how exhausted I would be if I had done all that by myself!

Thursday:  Today I got to see all my grandkids.  My 2yo granddaughter did not come running with a hug and “GRAMMA!” on her lips.  WAH!!!  She’s growing up!  STOP IT!  Lunch after Dad’s nurse came, so at 4ish, finally headed home.  The fun was not over, but it was minor compared to the day before!

Finally HOME!  I miss you bed ::kiss, kiss::. I love you bathroom ::friendly wave:: . . . .  Email to the bestie, sharing all the fun with you and off to bed where I hope my very swollen legs will go down before the next part of the adventure begins.  I hope you enjoyed taking this trip with me. 🙂  Angie aka Gram and Imma 🙂

Apologies to my dad for sharing his embarrassment.  🙂



  1. Thanks for sharing this Angie, my mom-in-law too is having her difficult time as she turns 90 and diagnosed just recently of pancreatic C. The fear of losing her now has taught us to be more appreciative, more sensitive and caring. I try to prepare all her favorite food, even if she could barely taste them now. Love is about caring, and this is all I could do to make her feel comfortable.

    • It is difficult. I remind my d that he will be gone soon, and we will wish we could go through these things again just to have him back. Getting old isn’t fun – for anyone! I know it will be a difficult time with your m-i-l now and then, but it can also be an awesome blessing to spend those last days with them. The last months with my mother were beautiful and God-blessed in so many ways! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope some were able to see the humor in the situation through the other stuff. Angie 🙂

  2. Oh dear! Poor you

    • In retrospect, it was kind of funny. Today I am trying to recover!

      • Good thing you have a sense of humour. Hope you are feeling better now.

      • Good thing you have a sense of humour. Hope you are feeling better now.

  3. You certainly have your hands full. Your father is a lucky man to have you looking after him like you are. Some things aren’t pleasant but you chin up. Bless you.

    • Thanks Tess 🙂

  4. riatarded

    I love posts like these! It’s like I know everything about you 😀 haha

    • ha ha! Good thing because you may get more of them 🙂 Maybe some day I’ll tell a few other dad stories that are way too much information, but hilarious in retrospect. Might as well laugh 😀

  5. riatarded

    I hope your dad is doing well now 😦

    • He’s not well, but he’s recovering. Fortunately I am too lol.

      • riatarded


        Lots of love to both of you 🙂

  6. Kana Tyler

    I love the image of Dad “holding court”… 🙂

    • Thanks Kana – he does and he loves it 🙂

  7. Thanks. I needed the vacation.


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