Another Surprise!

Guess what?  While I was busy admiring my rings and thanking God for bringing them back to me, Sunshine and her dog, Chuckles from Simply Charming blindsided me with a tag!  Chuckles, just like my sister’s dog, waited till I was busy and snuck up behind me with a very cold, wet nose to the back of my leg!!!!  Not my favorite thing, but in the spirit of fun, I will play along.  Since I am rather backward, I am going to start with her questions and then proceed to the rules and the tags.  So beware!  I may soon be sneaking up on you with my own cold nose!

Photo of skin test about 15 minutes after the ...

Photo of skin test about 15 minutes after the application of allergens and the scratching. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) So happy I'm not this guy!!!!!!!!!

1. cats or nice dogs like me? hehe . . .  Neither, (allergic to both) but prefer cats if I must.  Sorry Chuckles.  I may forgive you some day for the cold wake up call. use a red, a blue or black ink pen to write a love letter?  Definately NOT black!  I would use blue, red, …. whatever was at hand.

3. to use a mechanical or an old-fashioned wooden pencil to sketch a picture?  Never, oh never, would I use a mechanical pencil to sketch.  No no no no no!!!  I prefer a pencil that will give some substance to my lines and is able to become part of my hand.

4. to ride a horse or drive around in a car?  VERY allergic to horses, so I’ll take horse-power any day.

5. to drink hot or cold beverages during the day?  Usually cold.

6. to find a nice flower or nice rock?  Well, that depends on what I was going to do with it.  I like to look at flowers and take pics, but I’m allergic to them too, so give me a good ol’ rock any day.  NO ALLERGIES!!!

7. if you lost one of your senses, to keep your hearing or vision?  I would keep my vision, but hearing loss is not fun either.

8. to swim or run for exercise?  I would absolutely love to swim!!  It is my favorite thing.  However, I am now unable to swim in any water with chlorine in it, which pretty much means I can no longer swim:(  (Asthma)

9. to listen to music really loud or at normal hearing range?  I am not fond of loud noises.  In fact, I can’t stand them.  So, I would listen to them in normal range and cry if you turned it up too loud.

10. blogging in silence or with music or other sounds playing?  White noise – usually TV.

11. horror, comedy or musical movies?   COMEDY!  But I rarely watch movies ever, and I find the funny ones of today have too much in them that I don’t want to laugh at.  So give me LOTR!!!!     {Musicals – husband loves them – my eyes rotate around in the sockets out of boredom when I try to watch them with him.}

THE GOOD NEWS:  You don’t have to answer or create that many questions.  Chuckles gave the option to answer any, all or none…, so I picked all.

THE BETTER NEWS:  Playing is optional.  If you are in the mood for a little play and letting us know a bit about you, play along.  If not, just say Pass and go on with your life:)

Here are Chuckles revised rules.  They are the only ones I have, so …

  1. You must post these rules.
  2. Each person must post  five things about him/herself on their      blog. Answer the question the “tagger” listed for you in their post, and
  3. . . . create  five new questions for the people you tag      to answer.
  4. Choose  one to five people to tag and link to      them in the post.
  5. Let each blogger know that you have tagged      them.


Second—things about me—check

1–I am often harder on myself than others are on me.

2–My husband and I did not like each other much when we first met.

3–WARNING: TMI.  Skip if you do not want to know.  If my daughter or any of my grandchildren are around, I NEVER get to go to the bathroom by myself.  My rule:  if you’re going to come in, you are not allowed to make comments.  My 2yo granddaughter likes to jiggle my belly.  ::sigh::

4–I don’t dance or anything, but I am rarely still when I worship.  Often, those who notice, will see my daughter, any of various other family, and I all swaying together (unknowingly) until someone messes up and hits another his/her hips.

 5–I HATE the facebook timeline!!!  Ya hear that Zucker?????

Third—new questions—check

1—Do you tend to be a thinker or a doer?

2—How well do you tolerate those who are the opposite?

3—Are you a)  brutally honest, b)  honest in a nice way, or C)  give a lot of slack when commenting or liking someone’s post?

4—Which of the above do you prefer when others comment or like your posts?

5—Have you ever (or do you still) sleep with a stuffed animal?

Fourth—choose some tagees and link to them in the post—check

Ok, drawing from the hat in which all your names have been placed (remember participation is optional).

Zellie M. Quinn

Poetic Parfait

Scribbling Hermit


Bettie Bell

Fifth and Final—let people know you tagged them—in process.



  1. Good for you Angie for being tagged, it sounds like fun, I was too but have not put it together yet, it seems like the rules change, yours are differant from mine, hard to keep up with them but I’m sure those you tag will enjoy being part of the game.

    As for the Allergy test, my Doctor told me after I had one done by a Naturopath and it was expensive, that they were not reliable because we will react on a small surface of skin but our bodies are wonderfully designed to filter out a lot of toxins and unless they are in extreme we will not be affected. I respond negatively to air fresheners because they are a condensed fragrance the same as perfume but flowers don’t worry me unless in large amounts and I’m in close contact. God’s amazing design is shown in our bodies and His creation can’t be equalled.

    Enjoy your tag – Christian Love Anne

    • I have a feeling the games/awards/etc. we do in cyber world get changed a lot. Sunshine admitted she changed the rules a bit. It’s still fun, and I can’t wait to read your ‘confessions’.

      One thing I look forward to in heaven is NO ALLERGIES! God created an amazing body, and the new body, without sin, will be even more awesome! I have asthma, and have to be very careful about certain allergins (especially strong smells) so I can stay out of the hospital. No perfumes, no cleaning chemicals, no chlorine, … I can deal with the other symptoms of allergies (except my food allergies) because they don’t take away my ability to breathe. Air fresheners a definate no no lol. I even had to stop taking allergy shots because I would have an attack every time. But life goes on, and it could be a lot worse! Even allergic reactions and asthma, though, are the body seeking to fight back for what it sees as foreign invaders. Anyway, that one got away from me a bit! Our bodies are certainly proof of “intelligent” or God design, and a good example of how our church should work.

      Have a great day! In Him, Angie {hmmm should read: Have a great day in Him lol.

      • Hi Angie, I do feel for you, I suffered with chronic Asthma for 10 years, I was on a machine morning and night towards the end, I almost died a few times, I didn’t you may have noticed but it was very close, Ron rushed me to night clinics as well as hospitals for years, it was not fun.

        But a week after my heart condition disappeared by God’s Miraculous intervention, I went to bed and woke up in the morning and no Asthma, that was 15 years ago but I still have a little weakness if I have the flue or a bad cold but thankfully I haven’t had one for over a year now, I’m on probotics, even so the Asthma it is very mild compared to what I suffered for years. But I was born with a defective gean and I’m still disabled, I believe God knows what we can cope with and if we are not healed gives us the strength and resources we need.

        Christian Love Anne.

      • Thank you. I am much better now and as long as I avoid the major triggers, I do very well. It has been 3 years since my last trip to the hospital!!!! PTL!

  2. Hehe, I forgot to tell you Ansuyo, cyber dogs, like me, cause no allegies whatsoever! Now can I be on your fave list??
    another hehe, we love your TMI section! *laughing way too loud!*
    Thanks for playing tag . . . woof, Chuckles! 🙂

    • OK, do cyber dogs lick you????? I’m not a fan of dog slobber. I’m guessing a cyber dog would be a perfect companion for me. I think they’re adorable (animals) but I stay away from them pretty much.

      • Oh, we are the most perfect animals to have . . . unless you have a cyber skunk lurking nearby you. I have no control over my self when those unsocial critters appear. 🙂

  3. Good for you for being tag and the head of the class. I’m just a party pooper. I snuck in here to see what everybody’s doing but must sneak back to work. Have fun.

    • Lol. It’s OK to poop the party every now and again 🙂 Maybe your name will come out of the hat next time!

  4. LOL you silly you! Oh dear I’ve been tagged 🙂 Maybe this is the shove that I need to get myself writing blog posts again! Oooh that wet nose, it got me on the back of my legs too! Hehe

    • He he 🙂 I hope so, I thought I was missing your posts, looked it up, and saw you haven’t written on your blog in a while! 😦 I keep up with your other writing on facebook, but miss your blog.

      • Awe thanks Angie for being patient with me. I have been so busy with articles but I miss the poetry writing, I hope to post again soon. Don’t give up on me 🙂

    • Of course I won’t give up on you! You are a genuine person with a lot to share. That tends to be a rarity these days. I certainly understand being too busy – I’m so far behind I’m about to kiss my own backside! We all get there at times, so be kind to yourself and do what you have to do. Hopefully you can sneak in a poem or post every now and again. 🙂 Angie

      • Awe thanks Angie for the kind message. You are genuine as well, I am so glad we have met. I hope we both come up for some air soon 🙂 Yes I will try to sneak in a post soon, you are motivating me! Take care xx

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