(Yes, that’s Dam and not the other word.) Imma and I would like to introduce you to Elizabeth and her muse. They seem to spat at times just like we do! I know you will enjoy her post. Drop in and give her some love. :)

Originally posted on Elizabeth's Ramblings:

The Muse? Who is the Muse? Where does she come from? What does she want?

Me: “Muse, who are you!”

Muse: “Why do you want to know?”

Me: “Cause you are driving me nuts with your coming and going without a bye or leave!”

Muse: “I’m your helper.”

Me: “How’s doing the disappearing act helping me?”

Muse: “When I leave you are forced to think, strategize, plot, plan, and execute.”

Me: “What! You are supposed to be doing a lot of that work!”

Muse: “Nope, that’s your department. My department is to open and close the dam of your subconscious.”

Me: “Why would you open a creative dam and then close it? Or for that matter, why close it at all?”

Muse: “See, this is where you are misunderstanding the role of the Muse. Even though I open and close the dam, you are in ultimate control. I can’t do anything…

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  1. Here is one of my attempts to recognize her: Bemused.

  2. Oh that muse, what up with the lack of good-byes?!!


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