Do something else

“Do Something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do something else.”– Franklin D. Roosevelt



DO SOMETHING! (Photo credit: andreskrey)

Yes, those of you who follow my other blog will recognize these words.  But here we’re going to take a little different focus.  As I have navigated the blogosphere and the world of internet writing, I have learned much about how writers think.  Some of them put the above quote to good use and astound the rest of us with the amazing amount of things they accomplish , and accomplish well!


I suppose most of them started out just as I did, looking for a way to make money from home or use their talent for writing.  However, some of them didn’t just dabble, they produced–prolifically (if that’s a word).  I am more of a one-trick-pony and have difficulty managing too many things at once.  Others (Ann Marie Dwyer comes to mind) make the determination that they’re going to make it and go after it with everything they’ve got.  They do something.  If it works they do more of it.  If it doesn’t, they do something else.


I admire these people greatly, but I also recognize that I would not work well doing what they do.  That’s OK, because I am me.  We need

Monkeys Blogging Español: Simios bloggeando

Monkeys Blogging Español: Simios bloggeando (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (there is nothing on blogging)

both.  That doesn’t mean I can’t apply these words to my writing however.  Writing a blog is the perfect place to apply them.  A blog starts out with an idea in the mind of the writer.  Sometimes, the original intent just doesn’t work.  If the blogger keeps doing it, despite evidence of it’s failure, the blogger will remain obscure with few, if any, followers.  But the smart blogger (writer…) learns.  If something doesn’t work,  the smart blogger does something else.


Of course, much of that depends on the blogger’s purpose in writing.  Some may not care if others like what they do.  Others may choose to keep doing what they know best and leave the results up to God or the readers.  But for some, the blog will evolve as they try new things.  I enjoy reading a blog that is eclectic or that evolves with the writer’s moods, needs, muse, or desires.


So, is your writing (in whatever venue) working for you?  Is it doing what you want it to do?  Is it working?  Do you stubbornly hang on to things in your writing life (or elsewhere) that just no longer work?  Or do you try new things?  If you don’t try new things, why?  Is it fear?   What’s something non-working you can discard this week?  What is something new you can try this week?

♦-♦-♦ Let the adventure begin!!! ♦-♦-♦

Do Something Else

by Angela Masters Young



  1. Red

    I cut the things which do not pan out. Every once in a while I will post something I like despite the audience, when I feel like I need to write something. I have chosen to segregate the majority of things my audience does not prefer, however, they drive where the blog travels. I count on the interaction between the M3 Readers and me. They are for whom I write.
    PS Thank you for the plug 😉

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I know you are very reader driven in your blog (unless the muse decrees otherwise). Even then, you always think of your readers. You are an inspiration 🙂 Angie

  2. Good advice, thank you.

    • Thanks for stopping by Anne 🙂

  3. I don’t think I had much of a plan when I started writing my blog but now it seems to have formed into something that works for me. It’s interesting though that by writing a blog you also get feedback and it’s the feedback that can take you in direction you may not have originally thought of. Great post.

    • Yes, feedback really helps to make those choices about the things that work and the things that don’t. I LOVE the feedback 🙂 This blog definately went in a different direction than I imagined when I started it. Thanks for coming by!!

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