Inner Voice: the writer within and more by Angela Masters Young

Partying @ 1984 w/ Caroline Rhea

Partying @ 1984 w/ Caroline Rhea (Photo credit: Spin Cycle NYC)

Today. we’re going to take some advice from a name I haven’t heard in a while:  Caroline Rhea.  In my “quotes” book, I found this advice from her, and it’s still good, so we wanted to share it with you.


This advice works in any venue, but how does it apply to the craft of writing?  That’s what we’re here to discover.  When it comes to writing:


♥♥Follow your inner voice(s)♥♥  Your writing voice comes alive when you follow your heart or your inner voice(s). Your writing belongs to you and you alone.  Some tend to think of writing as something separate from the writer, but this is not true.  Real writing follows the voice of the writer and reveals a part of him or her to the reader, exposing that inner world for view.  The best writers know their own voice and remain true to it.  The reader can often spot the work of a specific writer by that voice underlying the words.


♥♥Don’t let anyone else decide who you are♥♥  The majority of those of us who grow up to call ourselves “writers” (or even those who just sit and write) have to confess that we go through times when we try to mimic our favorite writers.  We try on different writing personas and experiment with different styles.  This is all an important part of growing into one’s own writer’s voice.  However, sometimes writers don’t grow out of this tendency.  They never find their voice and continue seeking it through experimentation or copy cating. Other writers give in to pressure from others and try to fit into a certain mold not of their own making.  Neither leads to fulfillment or to really good writing.  Discover the answer to this question:  Who are you (as a writer)?   Then stick with it, despite what you here from others.


♥♥Take a leap of faith♥♥  In other words, TRUST YOURSELF!  Go for it.  If you fail, you didn’t.  Huh?  All failures are opportunities.  Either you allow them to keep you down and out, or you use them as stepping-stones to a better life and better writing.  Trying and making mistakes doesn’t make you a failure, never trying, never taking that leap of faith, make you a failure.  So put your big boy/girl pants on and make the leap.


♥♥Find a support system♥♥  Don’t try to go it alone.  At the very least, you will need a good editor and someone to give you feedback.  The writers in my sphere tend to help each other out by encouraging, answering questions, inspiring, following, paying forward, and much more.  Get yourself some cheerleaders to cheer for you as you take your leap.


♥♥Pray♥♥ I thought about leaving this one out, but for those of you who know what I mean, this is an important step.  Prayer provides an inner peace and direction for one’s writing.  It works.


♥♥Remember we are all here for a purpose♥♥  Have you found your purpose?  Maybe you are here to inform or inspire or both. Some writers are eclectic and can work in many genres.  Others of us have a narrower field of work.  All of us have a purpose, however, and all of us have something worthwhile to give the world through our writing.  What are you supposed to be doing with your writing?   {A person can have an overall purpose and purposes for a smaller time frame — my purpose for this paragraph is…, my purpose for this post is…., my purpose for my writing is…, etc.  So, don’t let yourself get bogged down in trying to understand it all, just recognize it.  Those of us who serve God will find our purpose in Him}


♥♥Accept where you’re placed and where you can best serve God♥♥  There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to better yourself or having a dream to pursue. However, time spent whining not appreciating where you are at the moment drags you down and keeps you from achieving that dream.  Not all of us will have the fame of a best-selling author, but all of us have a purpose and a place in the world.  Acceptance doesn’t mean stagnating.  It means seeking happiness where you are, even as you work toward that dream.  In a word:  contentment.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit today.  What do you think about Caroline’s advice (or ours)?  Do you have anything to add?  How do you apply this advice to your own writing?




  1. I’ve always loved the down-to-earth approach about everything. I love this one too. Caroline’s advice is stellar. Your’s equal in applying it to writing.

    I write because sometimes I’ve such a fire I have to get the words out. I just can’t help it.I’m a late bloomer although I’ve always liked writing. Now I appreciate it more because it’s become an important part of me. Angie, the leap of faith has been the hardest step I’ve had to make. I just grit my teeth and went for it. Thanks for this post.

  2. Thanks for coming by! I understand about that fire. My husband is a talker, but I am quiet. Writing is my outlet, and I love doing it. I love all the people I meet along the way too 🙂 I think leaps of faith are difficult for most people. Inside we all suffer from the same junky thinking and insecurities to various degrees. I’m glad you leapt!! Angie

  3. I agree that group support is essential. The group gives feedback and you are kept in the loop re writing trends. I like Caroline’s advice for life in general, good post Angie!

    • Thanks Christy! I love the group support aspect. Especially as writers tend to be loners, and it’s good not to be stuffed off all by oneself. I truly enjoy the community we share. 🙂 Angie

  4. Very, very practical good advice. I know I need to remember a few of these if not all of them. Thank you so much for posting this. 😀

    • Thank you! and you’re welcome 🙂 I have the Caroline words posted on a wall to remind me (along with a bunch of other inspirational things). Thanks for stopping by! Angie


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