Gram and Imma choosing topics to write on:

Gram’s strength lies in research.   She loses herself for hours among the tomes when a topic speaks to her.  Always better at research than Imma, Gram can write about most topics after a bit of research, even if she knows nothing about it at the beginning.  Her analytical brain lends itself to taking apart a topic, digesting it, and then presenting it to others in a logical, but engaging way.  She can bring logic to bear on political and other topics that require this type of thinking.  If she is not careful, she will put too much into an article, and often must use her information for several smaller articles or posts, or  create a serial article.  How to articles are also her forte, although she may tend to write on certain types of how to articles more than others.  She can usually find a way to write about any of them, however, even though her interest may wane.

Imma’s strengths are often found in more creative topics.  She will tackle almost anything, but only if she can use her creativity.  She is a poet and a creator, so she looks at the same topics, but sees them and approaches them in a totally different way.  she is seldom into the mundane and may have several projects in various stages of completion.  Her distractable nature pretty much makes this a given.  She attacks topics as a whole, synthesizing them into an overall picture.  While she can take most topics and make a creative article or post, her attention wanes if the topic requires too much detail or bores her.

Even when Gram and Imma tackle the same genre, their writing styles insure different outcomes.  Gram’s take on a short story will differ from Imma’s, even when the general theme is the same.  Gram’s detail oriented, logic makes her good at mystery/detective type fictional work.  Imma’s creativity lends itself to romance, science fiction, and other creative genres.  When writing with the same theme or topic, the approach differs between the two.  Gram will often create from the bottom up, making pieces of the writing and bringing them together .  Imma, on the other hand will often start with an over-arching concept and figure out the various pieces from there, working top to bottom.

These statements are generalizations, of course.  A person is not really limited by their right brain or left brain dominance, and writers come in all flavors.  The generalizations, based on my own Gram and Imma and my knowledge or brain dominance, act as a starting point for further exploration.  I love hearing how others find their own unique versions of Gram and/or Imma after reading their stories and allowing their mind to become aware of their own intricacies.


How do you approach various types of writing?

Are you aware of the inner workings of your brain and how those inner workings affect your writing?



  1. I switch back and forth, though most of what I write is from personal knowledge / background I often do small research projects. This is especially true when something I am working on is close to my emotional center (hard to write).

    This was an interesting one on how we approach subject matter and writing.

  2. I’ve been following your L/R muse differentiation with some interest. I can identify with this feature of the two-sided approach . At times it seems the creative side is far more powerful, but then it makes sense, creative writing is what I enjoy the most. Balance must be observed carefully when the muses don’t see eye to eye…”:)

    • This is very true, Gram and Imma usually come to a consensus where they disagree. Otherwise, they recognize the strengths in the other and allow the one with the strengths to hold sway. Both are equally important. 🙂 Angie

  3. I’m terrible self-analysis. Usually, I just go for it. I’m more like a puppy trying to find the right spot. I circle over and over again, taking my time and watching what emerges from my efforts.

    • Lol. I love that analogy! If I didn’t have the Gram part of me, I’m guessing there would not be a lot of analysis in me either. Unfortunately for me (?) I analyze too much.

  4. After having a job where I had to write things I wasn’t interested in, I love blogging about things that I am. I find it so much easier to create and write about topics I know and care about. I can do the research and put something together, be creative with it, but it depends on the topic. It’s more often fun to just sit and write.

    • I agree. I am loving the blogging thing, even though it brings in no money. I used to enjoy most of my writing, but sites started changing things, and now it’s a chore :(. Thanks for coming by. I love your blog!!! Angie

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