Meet MJ’s Brain

Imagine my surprise when I dropped in on MJLogan’s blog to find my name, along with Gram’s and Imma’s, as part of his post.  Mike has taken the challenge of recognizing the two sides of the brain and how they effect (proofreader doesn’t like that word, but it’s what I meant.  It can affect writing as well if that makes pr happy) writing.  Excellent post!   Check it out:   Monday’s Muse


You can find the original post he references here:  Imma’s Challenge


You will also find his offering in the comments.  It’s amazing what happens when the creative process is allowed free reign.  I hope you’ll drop in to Mike’s blog and give him a pat on the back for taking the challenge instead of following his “Joe Friday” instinks instincts.  I have to say Mike is already very accomplished in his writing, but all writers can grow as they explore the world without and within.



  1. authormjlogan

    Thank you Angela. I’ve been surprising myself a lot lately, creatively speaking. I keep learning and the more I learn, the more I want to learn.


    • It’s amazing what’s in each of us if we just keep digging. (See remark to Christy below). I love that we can inspire one another and pull things out that may have lain dormant without our creative friends. 🙂 Angie

  2. Hi Angie, yes I also enjoyed Mike’s post. How neat that your words tugged at his creative spirit! 🙂

    • Thank you Christy. I think we all pull at each other’s creative spirit. I know I am inspired by several of the blogs I read. Even the not so good ones teach me something:) I love my cyber family!!!!! Angie

  3. Fantastic, Angie! I love this environment because I learn something new everyday in so many different way. I like the ‘pull at each other’s creative spirit’.

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