Introducing my mini-Gram

I talk a lot about my Grand monster son here, because he gives me a lot of fodder for posts.  I do have 3 granddaughters as well.  Today, I will introduce you to Gram’s mini-me.  Her name is Kerstin, and she is 10 years old.

This child is not the one to get all the negative attention.  In fact, she seldom steps outside the lines set for her.  She does well in school, she helps out with her siblings (a bit too much), and she wants to be an adult — NOW!  Are you Gram’s feeling why I believe this child is a left-brain dominant child?  She orders adult food (when not with Gma who will NOT buy a $15 entree for a 10 yo!), she reads adult books, she engages in adult conversation, and she colors in the lines.  She does like to make things, but she doesn’t get real out-of-the-box like 2 of her siblings.  Often, if she wants to do something she’s not allowed to do, she will get one of her siblings to do it.  That way she gets what she wants, but doesn’t get the consequences (unless the parents are on the ball.)


So what?  What does this have to do with writing?  The left-brained writer is just like Kerstin (Gram).  They tend to stay in the box, color in the lines, and follow the rules.  They have the capacity for imagination, but often stiffle it for fear of consequences.  They are often orderly and tend to be more “adult” than the Imma writers.  Unfortunately, they also tend to be more judgemental about others who do not meet these standards.  They don’t mean to do the kill-joy thing, they just do not understand outside-the-box, finding it a foreign concept at best.


If you are predominantly a Gram, do you have a lot of pet peeves about other’s writing (judgments)?  {Don’t worry, Imma’s are judgmental in a different way.}


The good news:  We need Grams!  What would the world (and the writing world) be like if everyone was dominantly right-brained?  Utter chaos would ensue.  Rather than think of Gram as a kill-joy, I like to think of her as the one who:


♦brings some semblance of order to the chaos.

♦brings balance to a tilted world.

♦brings peace in the midst of insanity.


It’s incredibly awesome to watch a storm.  But it’s just as awesome to see the peace after the storm.  We need both. 


What do  you inner Grams like about yourself and your writing?

What do you inner Immas appreciate about the Grams of the world?

What about those of you who have both inside of you – do you see how each side helps in their own way to make your writing what it is?

Thanks for stopping by Gram and Imma’s.



  1. Nice looking family.

    • Thanks ;). That’s my daughter with my mini-gram.

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