Death Hovers: Poetry Prompt

image: Uzengia Aleksander Nedic

Death hovers

Awaiting his chance

Seeing through eyelids closed

Waiting to be deceased

Awareness fades out

Death hovers

Death hovers

Who is that I see?

She looks so familiar

Awestruck, can she see me?

Her hand reaches out

Death hovers

Death hovers

I rise above her

Lying there in her bed

Doctors rushing madly

She still sleeping on

Death moves in

Death claims her

And he sets me free

Chords to earth broken now

I turn to take her hand

My mother leads me

Life moves on

My attempt at the prompt over at Magpie Tales



  1. I don’t know poetry but I could understand this. Like it.

    • Lol. Thanks a bunch:)

  2. elizabeth

    I don’t like it Angela, but in this case that’s very good! Well done 🙂

    • Hmm sounds like you’re having a left brain/right brain/all mixed up moment. I think you mean you don’t like what it’s about? Lol. Thank you very much Elizabeth.

      • elizabeth

        Too much truth in it 🙂

  3. The topic is uncomfortable but the poem is very well done Angie

    • Thank you Christy. I actually like the end part of the topic, but death is still a subject most prefer to put off (pun intended :). Angie

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