Imma’s Challenge

Once again, my grand monster son (4 yo) comes through.  This child is about as right-brained as you can get.  He bursts into life every day with joy and imagination. Last week, I was parked outside the trailer where my son and family live, waiting to take my son to work.  The window opens in one of the bedrooms and there’s my grandson.  He is wearing a superman top with cape, cowboy boots and super hero underware. I put my window down and talk to him for a while.  He is putting the window up and down, running off to get something else to show me.  Inevitably, something falls out the window and here comes Roland outside to get it having no qualms at all about going outside in his underware.

Later that day, my DIL and the two younger kids are to meet me at O’Charlies for lunch.  This O’Charlies is where my son and DIL work, so the kids are very familiar with it.  I arrive before them, sit at my seat, and look up to see my grand monster son coming in the door.  Mom did manage to get pants on him, but he is still wearing the rest of the ensemble.  Along with the cowboy boots and superman top with cape, He is wearing a hat and carrying a rope whip. Under the superman shirt was a spiderman shirt.  Point:  the boy was a mixture of Superman, Spiderman, and Indiana Jones.  His mother had managed to keep the fingerless gloves and sword (Zelda) at home or he would have had them as well.

We often get hung up in what people think of us, of our writing, and do not allow ourselves to just run with the imagination.  Roland had no concept of over-kill or choosing a super-hero.  In his mind, he can be all of them all at once, a super-super-hero if you will.  He also has no qualms about making himself at home at HIS O’Charlies.

The challenge:  Turn your left brain completely free to write something imaginative.  Don’t worry about grammar or limits, just create.  You can write a story or poem about the super-super-hero, or you can create your own.  Either post it in comments here or on your own blog with a link in the comments.  I can’t wait to read the offerings, and I hope you will also read them and vote for your favorite one and the most creative one.  I will give you at least a week, so no rush:)

The rules:  Have fun!


Do you squelch your inner Imma?  Do you limit her and put parameters around her or do you allow her to do her thing?  Does your writing sometimes seem to fall flat because you don’t want to step outside the box?  What is the worst thing that could happen if you write something creative and others don’t like it?




  1. Congratulations. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please go to my page here to see what to do.

    • Thank you so much! I have seen this one around. It may take me a while to get it, but I will and again – thank you so much! Angie

  2. authormjlogan

    What, my 15 to 20k words a week is not enough? Ha!

    I laughed, I cried
    I nearly died
    and then I sighed
    and went to ride
    the ocean’s tide
    and did abide
    the wave’s endless call.

    I wrought, I tried
    A poet’s ride
    can stop the tide
    if you abide
    he laughed, he sighed
    but never died
    His spirit lived on forever.

    “Gram,” she sighed
    and rolled her eye
    don’t stop the tide
    don’t let it die
    this poet’s ride
    I must abide
    to laugh and cry
    We don’t need no stinkin grammar.

    “Imma Dear,” you silly goose,
    trouble caused you let it loose
    That comma there
    Oh please don’t stare
    You’d never sell artistic ware
    if not for me how would it fare?
    ride the tide dear poet bide
    and let your words fill the air.


    • Awesome Mike! Love it!

  3. Red

    Mantra could care less if there are rules 😉


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