Writing Pet Peeves

The word ‘pet peeves’ implies that these peeves are something we like to ‘pet’. We keep coming back to them because they really, really, I mean REALLY, irritate us. Have you ever wondered why you chose your particular pet peeves? What makes you want to ‘pet’ them and hang on to them? Do you recognize that the problem is likely your hang-up, and not a problem to most others? How do pet peeves effect our writing? How do pet peeves keep us from appreciating those who commit these acts of treason? What are your writing pet peeves and why do you have them? How do you feel when you see them?

I have them, but we will save that for another post. This post will possible include some of your comments here, so have at it:



  1. I haven’t been writing for very long, and I don’t think I am yet confident in identifying pet peeves in others – I am sure however my blog is littered with them. Just glad people keep coming back to read. 😉

    • Pet peeves are particular to a person, so all of us probably step on someone’s at some point.

  2. My pet peeve is seeing badly written, published works — in books, columns, editorials or magazines, –wherever– and seeing lines like ‘ There are less good jobs today than last month and there are less people looking for jobs’ . Apparently some editors think that incorrect word usage and sloppy grammar is ‘more better’.
    The total disregard for correct word usage by writers that should know better–especially so-called ‘qualified’ editors — makes the blood boil. “:)

    • I agree Raymond! If I’m reading something on a professional site, I expect it to be professional! Things happen, but I see some very sloppy work out there in this realm.

  3. My pet peeve is the loooong paragraphs I see from some writers. For online work, I much prefer shorter chunks of information broken into smaller paragraphs. Easier to read, for sure!

    • I find my eyes glazing over if a paragraph (or a post) is too long. I may decide not to read it if it’s too difficult.

  4. authormjlogan

    The use of the same sounding but wrong word bugs the heck out of me.
    Its his birthday. It is his birthday. The dresser was it’s favorite place to sit.
    There going to the store.
    They’re dog is loose.
    Over their is a fine example of good writing. (eye roll)

    When I see stuff like this, I have to suppress the urge to write. “See Spot. See Spot run. Run Spot run.”

    We have been talking a little about getting another dog. I think I’ll name him Peeve. Then I’ll have a real “Pet Peeve.”

  5. Funny man! I think you should do it. I agree that this is a great pet peeve. I see it a great deal among our young people. What does this say about our schools? I think their not gettin edycatted!!!! 🙂


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