In the previous post, we discussed the idea that weaknesses Gremlins can pop up in our writing life when we do not have an adequate balance between the inner child and the outer adult.  Here are a few:


Lack of discipline

  • We don’t write because we get distracted by the shiny things.
  • We don’t finish projects on time
  • We turn in shoddy or inferior work



  • We flit from project to project, finishing nothing

►check our e-mail.

►click on a notice from Facebook.

►an hour later, realize e-mail was not really checked.

►Start the e-mail again and get distracted by a blogpost that sparks an idea.

►Go to blog, notebook or document intending to jot the idea down and return to the task at hand.

►Start writing.

►Half an hour later, think of the perfect picture to go with this post.

►Hit up fav picture sites looking for what we want.

►See another picture (or three) we might be able to use later, so we download and save.

►Look at file to make sure the pics saved and see a picture we were going to work on for another article.

►Work on it for a while  and

►then remember our e-mail….



  • We never finish because it’s never good enough.
  • A project is never attempted because we don’t think can do it as well as _________ .
  • We have a tendency to always comparing our work up, not down.
  • We become self-deprecating because we see the flaws in our work.
  • We have difficulty just saying thank you and accepting a compliment as sincere.
  • We explain the issues to those who do compliment us, wanting to make sure they know we don’t think this piece is that great.


  • We become insane angry when anyone dares to say anything negative about our baby work that we have labored over so painstakingly.
  • We become very particular over the work.  Anyone daring to edit our writing or suggest a change gets hung by his heels blasted with our anger or looked down on.



What Gremlins do you face in your writing?

Can you expand headings or points on this list?

How do you fight your Gremlins?



  1. Good post! I mostly fight Time for time. Sure, I’d me lying if I said I was on top of things all the time. I DO look for distractions but most of the time, I’m plain worn out from sitting in front of the PC rewriting and REwriting. Sometimes, I just need a breather but other times I get carried away…taking off more time than I need.

    So now you know I’m not such a good person…ugh. mea culpa.

    • Lol. Me too. I don’t mean to be a time waster. I know my time is limited. And yet, I get pulled away by the shiny things all the time. Maybe we’ll both grow up some day 🙂

  2. authormjlogan

    I can be guilty of over-perfecting. Spending too much time rechecking and rewriting and re… Uhg. Somedays I can’t turn in work because I think, I should wait and read this tomorrow.

    • In Helium world – that’s what leapfrogging is for. I make myself not overthink (well sometimes). I never post somewhere that I can’t edit, however. I’m more perfectionistic in my art. Well, I’m perfectionistic in a lot of areas. Thought I better confess in case you asked my husband. Other areas, I don’t give a care (his areas). It took me a while to get to the point where my perfectionist didn’t turn up her nose at writing in which the content was good but the grammar stunk. I think that’s part of the purpose in this blog. I would see that others liked the post, scratch my head, and try to figure out what the draw was to this flawed piece of work. I’m beginning to understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what I write is more important than how it’s presented. Gram just said , “Nuh Huh!”. Ah well, always a work in progress for all of us. 🙂 Angie

  3. A Great problem in my writing is when I run out of things to say about a topic I wanted to express. I hate that feeling like what should I type next or what can I write about. Also getting started is always the worse thing for me. But Once I get started I usually go with it for a pretty long time! I try to focus really hard on what I put into it and hope to get something good out of it.

    • Tony, I can’t tell you how many half finished articles I have in documents. I think that is a common problem. Sometimes, if we just let it sit for a while, more things will come to us and we can finish. I also do a lot of pre-writing by making a web or list. This gives me direction and helps me focus. It also makes it easier to write the actual article/post. I can work on webs on paper no matter where I am. Keep writing and it will get easier. Thanks for stopping by to see Gram and Imma! Angie

  4. Hehe sadly I see myself in many of these points, in particular the concept of being distracted by shiny things. Sigh. Hey I am taking time to finish a reply in the comment box here aren’t I?!

    • The shiny things do it on purpose! They are guided by writing goblins and gremlins who delight in distracting us from our purpose. Beware the shiny things!!!!! Angie

  5. I agree with Christy – at some point, I’ve done every one of these.

    Could I copy this in its entirety to repost on A Daily Life ( I don’t see you on the list of subscribers, but this post will give you an idea of how I do the credits


    • Thank you Nancy. As long as it is attributed to me, I am fine with that:) Send me a link. Is this (the link) your blog? Angie

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