My apologies

I don’t know for sure what has gone out and what condition it was in.  I apologize if I have scheduled a post and then been unable to finish it!  I am in Indiana with my dad.   His full pay time (Medicare) runs out next Tuesday, but he’s not ready to go home.  So, either pay $145/day for him to stay or find a transition care or take him home and pray he doesn’t fall ….   So I will be in and out (hard finding wifi :*( ) but I’ll be back soon.  Angie



  1. Good luck with all that you’re dealing with. “The system” needs some fixing, doesn’t it. Hope your dad improves quickly.

    • Thanks a bunch. Only time will tell. He cannot come home yet, so we’ll just have to figure something out. He’s with VA, but there’s a LOT of paperwork… there.

  2. Apologies are not needed. Blogging is fun and it’s a fantastic creative outlet, but life needs living too. I pray this goes quickly and easily for you & him. Remember to get enough sleep and some exercise (even if only a short walk). You will feel better and be better able to handle the stress.

    • Thanks. Life keeps demanding to be lived at the moment. I am getting a lot of exercise (too much) but that’s good. Hopefully we can find help and get him the care he needs until he can come home.

  3. I hope you are able to sort something out

  4. Thank you Anne 🙂

  5. Take care Angie, we miss you but of course we understand. I am glad you are able to help your family. Hugs.

  6. Hope your dad gets better soon.

  7. Thanks all. Dealing with a stubborn old man and beaurocracy–woohoo!

  8. I wish the best for your father. And also I want to thank you for always tweeting about my blogs because I know that you could be doing something better with your life than just tweeting about little old me. It means a lot to have someone appreciate what I write so I will try and continue to give you writings that you enjoy. God bless

    • Any time:) I know, as a writer, you want to be read.

  9. Oh dear, this sounds tough. Hope your dad gets better soon…

  10. I sincerely hope things will work out smoothly for you..I’ve been behind in reading, but I wanted to thank you for following me and I will do the same…take your time and deal with what is most important…family~

    • Thank you. I am behind in my reading too (still), so I understand that. Just finished the paper chase for applying for Medicaid this week. Dad is doing better and gets out on March 29th if all goes well. We’ll see what happens after that. Thank you for coming by and for the follow:) Angie

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