Spelling Tools

On this topic, Gram and Imma both agree, spelling words correctly is very important.  Some people are naturally able to spell and some are not.  It is not a matter of one being more intelligent than the other.  I know some very smart people who cannot spell to save their life.  It does make for some interesting correspondence, but when it comes to professional writing, these people need a bit of help.

I personally have a list of words that I almost always spell wrong first, even though I am, in general, able to spell well.

►chior – it is pronounced “qwi or”, so it must be spelled this way, right?  Not so.  I have finally learned to spell it choir (well most of the time.)

►judgement – I don’t know why, but I cannot seem to leave that e out even though I know it doesn’t belong.  It is judgment.

I could continue, but I’d like to keep your attention.  The point is that spelling is an issue.  I find it interesting that even though I am well aware of this problem and know how to spell these words, I still do it wrong every time.  At least now, I am aware enough to go back and fix it.

What to do?

Fixing spelling is one of the easiest things to do.  No one has to consistently have misspelled words in their public writing.

1.  Use spell check.  Most word processing software has spell checking.  You click on the little check and it goes through your document looking for misspelled words.  It highlights them, shows the correct spelling, and asks if you would like to change it.  {Here Imma can click ignore if she wants to leave grammar issues for emphasis.}

2.  Pull up a word document to check spelling.  My husband is constantly asking me, “How do you spell…..?”  Many times I can just tell him, but occasionally, I pull up a word document and type the word in just to make sure.  It takes two seconds and saves he and I from an oopsie.  This is an option any time you question the spelling of a word, no matter what you are writing or where.

3.  Re-read the document.  Spell check is great, but it will miss some problems like sound alike words.  So read from bottom to top or backwards, chunking small sections, to find these typing errors.

4.  Ask a nazi editor friend to look it over.   If you are one of those who struggles with spelling, it is no shame to ask.  None of us are perfect and most people would be glad to help.  Don’t get angry if someone corrects you in a comment or private message.  They’re not being mean; they’re just trying to help you look professional.

No one (well most people) cannot avoid sending out a piece with the occasional error.  The good writer is not afraid to use any resource at his or her hand in order to put out professional looking work.  While many blogging sites are more casual, spelling still makes a difference and is too easy a fix to just let it go.

Happy spelling! 

Do you have any other resources to share that might help others become better spellers?  What kind of struggles do you have?  How did you overcome the issue?



  1. “It’s not a matter of one being more intelligent than the other.” Thanks for making that point. Spelling comes fairly easily to me. It does not to some family members. I have had to change my thinking about the “intelligence” angle.

    • Thank you. I have struggled with that as well, but have learned that just because a person has an area or two where they struggle, that does not make them stupid or unintelligent. It just means they are a smart person who has an area where they struggle. Couldn’t that be said about all of us? Thanks for coming by! Angie

  2. My nazi editor friend and I laughed wholeheartedly! Thank you! It’s true, spelling and proofing are very important!

    • Thanks for coming by. I’m glad you enjoyed it:)

  3. I’m lucky, spelling comes easily to me. Sometimes though, I find I’m picking up the dictionary because I’m not sure of the spelling. My dictionary is a handy friend. When online, I google “Dictionary” and keep it handy.Sometimes Microsoft Word isn’t helpful at all.

  4. Yes, Microsoft Word is just the first tool. I often keep dictionary.com up when I’m writing, which also has thesaurus.com. Rhymezone.com is often up when I’m doing creative writing. Must be a writer thing lol. That’s a good tip.

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