Imma’s rules of writing continued

As time permits, I will be posting a few of my rules of writing for you to enjoy or use as you will.

1.  Write, write, write.

2.  Don’t self-correct as you go.  Just let it flow.

3.  See where it takes you, don’t get caught up in the mundane task of writing – you can edit later (or have Gram do it).

4.  Use words that create pictures in the mind of the reader.    “He accidentally touched her red sweater” is nice, but “her vermillion sweater felt soft under his calloused fingers as he accidentally brushed against her.” is infinitely better.

5.  Make friends with your thesaurus.  Words have many different personalities, make them shine by shaking it up every now and then.

To be continued…                                                   Love, Imma 😀



  1. Interesting

    • Thanks? Lol. I just left your page when I got this message 🙂

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