Gram on Grammar

Grammar represents who you are as a writer.  Sure, voice matters, over-all-concepts matter, but bad grammar distracts from great writing.

1.  ALWAYS use spell/grammar check.

2.  READ your words again.  Read from bottom to top or left to right to keep your mind from skipping over certain types of grammar issues.

3.  ASK a friend to read the paper over and mark errors.

2.  ASK someone to help you edit.

3.  LEARN the rules of grammar or look them up in a book or on the internet.

4.  ASK when in doubt.

5.  NEVER submit your manuscript until you have reread it several times to make sure it’s ready for publishing.

You can learn, Gram



  1. I wish everyone could see your post with their breakfast everyday. With all the tweeting and short cuts, people just don’t seem to care about the printed word. We can’t blame it on the young either. I have a friend in management level whose written English makes me cringe.

  2. Thank you! It’s really not that hard, the grammar nazis are out there just drooling to get at the editing (I know because I am one!). There are just too many ways to get it right to leave it so wrong:) Thanks for stopping by. Angie

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