Imma shares: “Try”

The majority of poetry, depending on form, etc., comes from the right brain:  creative and with few to no boundaries.  Some of us allow our left brain to edit and add punctuation, but this is almost an afterthought to the right brain.

Imma would like to share with you today. 

Hi, I’m Imma 🙂  Several years ago,  Gram and I were getting our Education degree.  We were doing a stint with student teaching in a Developmentally Handicapped classroom.   Gram didn’t always fit in here, but  I loved this class! Those children were all free spirits, and taught me a great deal.  One child in particular was a child with OCD and a few other mental health issues, who I called “Moonbeam” in my case study of her.  This child faced problems with acceptance even among her peers.  She did not know how to censor her words, and often kept apart from others, even when her body was present.  She was locked in her own world, just as I am sometimes

I identified with her so much.  I think we both felt like square pegs in round holes, seeking to live in a world that doesn’t speak our language.  We both had a deep desire to be known and understood by others, but those others sometimes didn’t know how to look beyond the surface to the heart.  Even when they had the want to, they didn’t always have the means.

The following is a poem I wrote for and about Moonbeam.  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you will tell me what you think.  No, don’t tell me it’s pretty, tell me what you think.  Have you ever felt this way?  Do you know someone you feel this way about?  What do you think it takes to find that key?  Would you be willing to search for the key, even if it was difficult?   Gram probably wants to know what you think of the poem, but I want your gut reaction.  What happens when you read this poem?

~Talk at ya later 🙂  Imma



  1. Gut reaction. I yearn for freedom.

  2. Freedom is definately a part of what she yearns for 🙂 I wonder if anyone will get the underlying need. Thanks for reading. Angie

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