Get to know Gram

Gram:  “Imma is creative, but she just doesn’t get that I have to go behind her and clean up her messes.  She leaves her punctuation in the oddest places, splits her infinitives, forgets to spell-check, and throws in a semi-colon when a comma will do.  Creativity is all well and good, but the I take care of the nuts and bolts of writing.  Someone has to worry about those things if we want to give a professional appearance.  I bet she appreciated all those A+s I got for us in college.  Do you know that in high school she would wait till the last minute to write her papers and turn them in without letting me clean up after her.  She always got an A on content; she is smart after all, but she always wound up with a C overall because of all the typos, the unnecessary typos, in her papers.  After all, if she has me here, why not use me?  Together we’re awesome, and not everyone has a Gram and an Imma.  I love Imma, but sometimes I feel so alone when she doesn’t appreciate my part in this team. . . .”

. . . . . .

Those of my writer colleagues who have confessed to being predominantly a Gram, have also confessed to having lost friends over this tendency in the past.  This gram will have to confess that I’ve at least annoyed a few people with this part of me in the past as well.   But Gram wants you to know that she is valuable too.

Grammar Nazi’s Unite

Gram is:

Logical reasoning in accordance with the principles of logic, as a person or the mind: logical thinking.

Gram is the “Spock” of the writing world.  Everything needs to make sense and the illogical just does not compute.  She wants her world to follow the rules of logic (sometimes at all costs) and, while she may appreciate creativity in others, she doesn’t really get it at times.

Sequential ~ 1. characterized by regular sequence of parts.2. following; subsequent; consequent. 

Gram follows the recipe exactly.  She does not add a pinch of this and a dab of that.  She has rules for her writing and she sticks to them, keeping them in a sequential order that makes sense in her logical mind.  Gram often interferes with Imma’s creative writing (in this brain) because she wants to fix typos now.  She doesn’t believe in leaving the spill on the floor for later.  In Gram world, you stop and clean up before moving on.  {We will discuss Imma’s frustration with this in another post.}  As Gram says, “It only makes sense to do things in a sequential order.  There’s a reason for the sequence and following it keeps my work in balance and order, giving me control over my output.”

Rational ~  1.agreeable to reason; reasonable; sensible: a rational plan for economic development.   2.having or exercising reason, sound judgment, or good sense: a calm and rational negotiator.

While Gram and Imma do not agree on what “rational” is,  Gram is a very rational person.  Of course, her reasonableness slips at times when Imma does something she doesn’t understand.  She always uses her good sense and ability to make sound judgments to direct her writing.  People who read her writing often are amazed at her ability to put something in a way that makes perfect sense.  It’s almost a “why didn’t I think of that” kind of thing or an “Oh, yeah” moment.  She is great with how to writing because of her rational, logical and sequential thinking.

Analytical ~ 1.pertaining to or proceeding by analysis ( opposed to synthetic).  2.skilled in or habitually using analysis  3.(of a language) characterized by a relatively frequent use of function words, auxiliary verbs, and changes in word order to express syntactic relations, rather than of inflected forms.

Gram’s analytical mind comes in handy when writing articles that require deep analysis.  Often political in some way, she writes analytical pieces on deeper issues than some might attempt.  She is more than a ‘just the facts’ kind of gal, and offers insight and analysis along with those facts.  She is also more likely to write informational pieces, offering her own expertise (previously known or currently researched) to her readers.

Objective ~ 1. something that one’s efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; goal; target: the objective of a military attack; the objective of a fund-raising drive.

Gram sets goals and plans her (sequential) steps to achieve those goals.   The distractions that beset Imma seldom derail Gram from her determined goal.  Gram is much more likely to reach her goals as well.  She can see the goal and recognizes the steps she must take in order to achieve said goal.  The goal is always in mind and her actions and writing lead to that goal.

Looks at parts

While keeping the goal in mind, Gram also looks at the parts.  She recognizes that there are steps to reach her goal.  When her goal is to write an article or blog post, she will look at each section of the article and analyze what each part needs in order to make a good whole.  Each part will be well thought out and put together in a logical, sequential way.   This ability makes Gram a good technical writer and researcher.  When the above skills are needed, Gram is the one to call.  One can have full confidence that Gram will get it done and get it done well.

***See the list of characteristics and more about right/left brain dominance here.


Take this quiz to check your right brain/left brain quotient:

The Right/Left Brain test:

Another quick Right/Left Brain test:

What did you discover?  How does your writing reflect what you discovered?  Have you found and accepted your place in the writing world or do you still seek to be like others who have a different skill set?  Have you found ways to take advantage of your own skill set by the writing tasks you set for yourself or accept from others? 

I have to make a confession here:  Ordinarily, when I do the test (2nd link) I see the woman turning both ways.  However, I find as I pursue this blog, that whichever persona I am writing about (or who is writing here) determines which way she will turn.  I can switch back to seeing both if I take a break.  Hmmmm.



  1. I’ve taken these tests before and they usually came out somewhat in favor of being a right brainer. However, today on this test my right brain is strongly dominant with more than double the score of my left brain.

    • That’s definately dominant. Maybe you’ve been doing some right brain writing lately? Mine tests out even unless I’ve been in one mode for a while. Thanks for coming by 🙂 Angie

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