Imagination vs. knowledge

“Imagination is better than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Imma:  “I love that quote; it’s sooooooooo true!”

Gram: “NOT!  What good is imagination without knowledge?  What exactly are you going to imagine with an empty brain?”

Imma:  “My brain is not empty; it is full of wonderful things that you don’t understand.”

Gram:  “I didn’t say your head was empty; I said it needs to be filled with knowledge in order to imagine anything. Everything needs some sort of building blocks to start with, some sort of foundation, if you will.”

Imma:  “Weeeelllll, I suppose you’re right, a foundation of knowledge is essential for the imagination to draw on.  However, I strongly suspect you and I will disagree about what kind of knowledge and how to acquire it.  Just because it’s not found in a dusty old tome doesn’t mean it’s not important knowledge.”
While Imma places more importance in imagination and Gram in a good knowledge base, the truth can only be found by having both.  The imagination must have something to draw from:  knowledge.  The knowledge must have something to do:  imagine.”

Knowledge base vs Imagination

Albert Einstein definately falls into the right brain category.  He was flunking math in school and yet turned out to be one of the world’s greatest mathmeticians.  In school, they were attempting to get him to use his logical right brain.  When he began to use his left brain in mathematics, a whole new, exciting world was opened up to all of us.

This works the same for writing.  Many of us use our great knowledge base to crank out very good articles.  These articles impart knowledge to others.  Others of us use our imagination to take that knowledge and use it in a different way.  All of us use both a

knowledge base and our imagination, even if we’re just imagining how to best impart knowledge.

Maybe some day Imma and Gram will realize they need each other and come to a truce. 

Do you place more importance on imagination?  You might be an RBD (right-brain dominant)

Do you place more importance on knowledge?  You might be an LBD (left-brain dominant)

Do you have a need for both or a fight between the two?  You might be a LBRB (left-brain/right-brain)  In this case, one may be slightly more dominant, but both reside fully in your brain, making their presence known.



In upcoming posts, we will discuss what it means to be right-brain, left-brain or both and what this means when it comes to writing, style and more.   What experience do you have with this concept?  Do you have questions you would like covered here? 

Gram:  “Thank you very much for coming.  I hope you enjoyed yourself.  Come back soon for some coffee and cake.”

Imma:  “Hey ya’ll, thanks so much for stopping by.  We always have fun, don’t we?  Ya’ll come back now and we’ll get our grub on and have some more fun.”



  1. This is another great post Angela, looking forward to the next one.


    • Thanks Mike – there are a few simmering in the drafts folder, waiting their turn to shine 🙂

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